Round Two of the Goodbyes

It’s my last weekend in LA. My girlfriends have been so sweet to organize three different nights out to say their goodbyes. I have just finished night number two. God…..TUESDAY CAN’T COME FAST ENOUGH!

For the past three years I have laid low in LA. No more going out to the hot spots. No more hangin’ with the in crowd. I have enjoyed quiet nights at home free of drama, superficial b.s. and velvet ropes holding all pretentiousness at bay. It has been NICE and NORMAL! But for one last “Hoo Ra” I shed my boring exterior and dressed myself up with my Chanel lipliner, a low cut dress and a tolerant attitude. I was actually all in.
I was willing to give LA a last chance. The first night held a stark reminder of the reason I am leaving (the people). The second supplied pretentiousness in the form of self absorbed celebrities, bar managers pushing their weight and the wanna be actress who just can’t get enough of herself and feels a need to tell me all about it. What will the third have in store? Lord, help me.
As I’m writing, a commercial runs for the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”. Amazing that this movie should open the exact weekend I am embarking on the journey of my life. As she says in the commercial, “This story is of a woman living a life she always thought she wanted. So in a moment of spontaneity decides to travel the world to get to know herself”. This is me.
I always thought I wanted to live in LA. Even as a little girl. Well, I lived my dream. I did it all. And I’m not impressed. I used to be impressionable as a young girl, but that girl has grown up and she has matured. It’s not so exciting here anymore.


I decided to move to NY last December and set the date for the move in August. I traveled to the area a few times and landed on the idea of relocating to Greenwich, CT after falling in love with its waspy air, lush leaves and easy commute to NY. The apartment search was diligent and efficient, but a dead end. It just wasn’t falling into place.
In a very spontaneous moment exactly one month ago today, I decided to cash out, put everything in storage and travel the world. I would enjoy freedom from the ties that bind me…..bills. I saw an opportunity to capitalize on not having any responsibilities that is so hard to find at this age. I found a way to recharge my battery and reboot before starting a new life. A way to kind of shed the scaly skin I had accumulated in LA. I am a few days away of setting forth on that journey. Wheels up Tuesday morning!
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