The Goodbyes Keep Coming

I had no idea I would feel this way. There have been so many kind and thoughtful gestures from the most unexpected sources the past few days. And the gifts! People are actually bringing me gifts to enjoy on my journey. My sweet, sweet neighbor who is a young and vibrant 91, has been knocking on my door, calling in to me and setting small gestures of her sweetness at my doorstep in the form of coffee, crumpets, sandwiches, soft drinks, water and cookies. One knock offered an invitation for an afternoon tea with her two daughters. I walked in to find a table set for four, clam chowder, chicken salad, breadsticks and blueberry pie. But not only did I find the quaintness of an English tea garden, there was a gift wrapped in the travel section of the LA Times and a bow placed carefully a top. Inside there were trinkets designed specifically for a traveler with books of idioms for foreign countries and language books in various languages. So much thought was put into this gift, it brought me to tears.

Then there was the handsome neighbor whom hasn’t crossed my thresh hold in 3 years even after many invitations, actually picked up pizza, pasta, my favorite gelato and delivered it… person! We sat on an unadorned sofa amid boxes while using a folding chair as our table and mugs our bowls. A welcomed distraction to the abundance of work I still had to finish before 9 am the next morning……..on second thought…….9 am is not going to work.

Postponing the move until Tuesday morning seems the only way. The party the night before was hard and long. My head finally hit the pillow at 6 am. A longtime friend organized a few friends to get together for a last goodbye at my favorite cozy spot, Shangri La. The night started out as any normal night would, apps in the bar, a few drinks and a stubborn, rude door man thinking we would actually believe the rooftop bar is at capacity. Of course, when we actually made it up…….plenty of space. We made ourselves comfortable.

It was a perfect setting and a perfect combination of personalities. We were all fun and we were all drunk. No drama, TONS of laughs, reminiscing and even some buried hatchets. The laughs didn’t stop when they had to kick us out at closing. We stumbled and cackled the whole way back down. Oh if I there was a video camera taping us in the elevator…..I would pay money to see it!

The party continued on the rooftop next door until 5 am. It was my kind of night. A recipe from my parents recipe book of fun: Mix a handful of friends with alcohol. Heat to a slow boil then simmer. Add laughter. Remove any agendas and drama. Serve on special occasions.

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