I Left My Heart in Prague

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in a fairy tale kingdom, come to Prague. Here, you can walk amongst castles and clock towers. You can hear the sound of a brass trumpet reminding you the top of the hour is here. There are the sounds of church bells and horse’s hooves clicking on the cobblestone streets. You can walk along a bridge built-in ancient times where a saint was tossed from it as a result of him standing up to a King.
I think it might be the most beautiful city I have ever seen. I booked two nights and ended staying for five. I didn’t want to leave. I feel as if I found my footing here in Prague. Things had been so go, go, go the last few weeks, that I haven’t had time to sit and relax. Prague was the place for me to do it. I ate the local cuisine, meat and Czech dumplings (I didn’t go back for seconds this time). I socialized and met a slew of interesting people. There were the two Moroccans, the 4 Mexicans, a girl from Namibia and the 3 guys from Orange County. Guess which ones flaked on plans that were made? The Orange County group. California, home of the flakes. They served as a reminder of why I left.
The others were friendly, welcoming and more than enthusiastic to invite a solo traveler from the states to join them on a night out on the town. We had soo much fun. Me, the Mexicans, the Moroccans and the girl from Namibia. Like a cappuccino milkshake sprinkled with an exotic dusting of flavor served in several different languages.
I love Prague. But words do not do it justice. It deserves pictures and lots of them. But even they pale in comparison. If you are contemplating a place to visit in Europe for fun, romance, history, beauty and fantasy….visit Prague. 
I touched the statue on the Charles Bridge where legend says that if you touch it, it will bring you good luck…..and back to Prague. I am definitely coming back.

Some of the people I met………
A traditional Czech meal..

2 Responses to “I Left My Heart in Prague”
  1. olakino says:

    Hi Chrissy!You are living the dream!! What a BEAUTIFUL city Prague is….those pictures are absolutely stunning! *I can see why you left your heart there!!I envy your tenacity, sense of adventure, lack of responsibilities to travel and enjoy what life has to offer, I envy your spirit to go after what you wanted and there you are, experiencing absolutely everything there is to enjoy, the food, the sights, the smells, the socializing….I am so thrilled for you. I lOVE that you are been sharing this whole dream with us…I get to run home to my computer every night and live the dream through you. You have an poetic & lyrical song of words. Makes it even that more magical! I can't wait for the next leg of "our" trip! :). till the next leg of this amazing journey. P.S., you look fabulous!! xo karen

  2. Debonhill says:

    Karen, thanks so much!! I am so glad to hear when people are reading and enjoying. LOVE to read the comments after I post. Wish you were here enjoying it with me. xoxo

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