Singapore and Seminyak, Bali: The cast of characters

The girls: Carolyn, Claire, Kelly, Jodie
I flew a long miserable flight into Singapore. I always have a hard time sleeping on planes. This time was no different. I arrived at my friend Kelly’s place in Singapore with enough time to clean up, do a quick reshuffle of luggage and head to bed. There were 3 other girls arriving through the night and we would all be heading out to Bali the next morning, except one girl missed her flight. 
The four of us flew to Bali and headed to Seminyak where we would be meeting up with Kelly’s British boyfriend and friends who were in town for a convention. And thus, the fun begins! Dinner the first night included 10 people and many rounds of shots. The shot flavor of choice with this group, Sambuca, Tequila or Jagermeister bombs. This night marked the beginning of a four-day party train.

Phil and Claire

The first night ended with an interesting rain dance by Carolyn, Claire taking a brief detour to Spain, the arrival of Kelly’s evil Bali twin and a re-birth of an old nickname for me, “Brittany trooper”. The boys had their moments, also. We were met with Phil “The Cheek”, Bernard or as the Brits say “Bernid” and a secret hookup involving Billie Jean.

Claire and Rich

We spent the next day recuperating at one of the many spas that lined every block of town. Spas where you could get a package including a full hour facial, a full hour massage and a mani/ pedi for a whopping total of $40 including tax and tip!

The second night we welcomed the arrival of our tardy friend who missed her original flight, Jodie, who I will, affectionately, refer to from now on as “Loose Booty”. Another large dinner and rounds of Jager bombs carried the night through. A few of the girls fell out early and I followed suit not too long after. The rest partied on until the wee hours of the morning.

We had one more day with the boys in town before they all had to fly back to Singapore. We enjoyed sunset drinks at Ku De Ta and our last dinner at Sarong. Four bottles of wine and 4 rounds of shots later we were back on the party train and up until dawn less Kelly who was the first of many to show symptoms of what we would soon call “Bali Belly”. A stomach bug that made its way through the group, one by one.

By the end of the three days in Seminyak, I looked around at the girls I was newly introduced to and felt blessed. Each and every one of them had a way about themselves that exuded beauty, class, happiness, fun and good energy. There wasn’t a drama queen in the bunch. There were no egos to stroke and no divas to please. No cattiness or snearing gossip. Just a great group of well-rounded girls having the time of their lives.   I looked around and thought, ‘I am so lucky right now to be on this trip’. 

The fourth day ended in Seminyak with shopping and a casual dinner with just the girls, a good nights rest and repacking the luggage. The next day we would be heading to Ubud, the heart of Bali. 
In our matching dresses headed out to Ubud
2 Responses to “Singapore and Seminyak, Bali: The cast of characters”
  1. olakino says:

    There you are Chrissy…missed you! Now the party begins!! Sunshine, spas & shots! Ahhhhhh, I can envy away. Have a wonderful time….Karen xoxox

  2. Debonhill says:

    Yes, I'm back, Karen! Our days were filled to the rim leaving ZERO time to update as we went along. I have some downtime this week before the next adventure. Hopefully, I'll be all caught up by this weeks end.

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