Singapore: Kelly’s birthday weekend

Our weekend in Singapore filled with activities began on Friday flying in from Bali. We hurriedly showered and changed our clothes to catch the David Foster concert Kelly had arranged tickets for. Five of us made it, two fell out due to “Bali Belly” that was rapidly spreading around the group. 

We arrived at the venue to find only two tickets for the five of us. Shortly after being handed the tickets we were greeted by Yolanda, David’s fiance, pulling all of the strings she could to make sure we all had a seat….and we did. In my opinion, the best seats in the house, smack in the center of the theater about 10 rows back. 
My favorite, Charice
Natalie Cole
And Ruben Studdard

The show was great and Yolanda’s hospitality was greater. She arranged for us to go backstage and meet with David during intermission. Just us five, Yolanda and David. It was more than any of us expected for the evening. We were given after party tickets and followed suit shortly after the show was over. We joined David and Yolanda for champagne and a delicious buffet along with members of the crew and band. 

The whole group after the show

Me and Charice

The next night was Kelly’s big Halloween birthday party. It turns out that David’s birthday was in a few days, also. I was told that it is his tradition to do a Halloween party every year when on the road. It only seemed appropriate for him to join his crew with our crew and celebrate the birthdays and Halloween together.

We spent the next day at the mall picking up the last-minute trinkets and baubles to complete our Halloween costumes. It was only shortly after lunch that I was chosen as the next victim of the “Bali Belly”. I decided to just drink more until the aching numbed and shake it off since tonight was a big night. I would have to just suck it up and pray the party venue had good bathrooms.

Kelly and her Hef
Birthday wishes for Kelly
We all arrived with costumes in full regalia. We drank and danced the whole night. There wasn’t a person in the room not having fun. We took over the small venue and tore it up from 8- 3. 
Jerrie, Carolyn and the drummer
Yolanda and David

Miss Loose Booty herself and winner of the best costume….a cupcake

The next day, I was down for the count. I couldn’t get up. My body had enough. It was time to call it a day and succumb to the fighting going on in my stomach. My body was aching for a break to try to fight this bug that had taken over. I agreed. I stayed in while the whole crew managed to get up and roll out to the beach and start, yet again, another day of drinking. 

This is what I walked into when I arrived

I met up with them late in the evening for dinner. What a sight for sore eyes. They were smashed, trashed and beached out. 
It wasn’t long before they all started to go down, one by one, right at the dinner table.  

Kelly punching out the candle

No rest for the weary, we were up the next morning and on our next scheduled flight to Krabi, Thailand for our beach portion of the tour. Sun, here we come!

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