Krabi and Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

I packed a very light bag filled with flip-flops, light sundresses, bikinis and beach cover ups since we were headed to an exotic, tropical, beach location. This was finally the sun filled beach week I had been longing for. There was no beach holiday in Europe, Ohio or even in Bali. It was Fall while in Europe and Ohio and in Bali, we mostly had rain.  

So, we’re off to the beach or so we thought. We landed in the Krabi airport to a full monsoon downpour. When arriving at the hotel, the front desk had a forecast sitting out for the coming week. Everyday, thunderstorms, thunderstorms and thunderstorms for the next 10 days straight.

What a bummer! We looked at each other and said, “Well, I guess we’ll be teaching each other drinking games in the local bar. The only other thing to do is hit the spa!”
We made the best of it for the night at the spa and booked our ferry tickets for 9:00 the next morning to head out to the Phi Phi islands. Weather forecast for 9am: Torrential downpour. Great!

On our way to the ferry

We hit some flooded roads

The view from the ferry

We loaded everything up on the ferry and took the hour ride into Phi Phi. Thankfully, the rain held up until the end of the ride. We drug our feet as we checked into our island hideaway and strolled the area to get better acquainted. It rained a little and drizzled from time to time, but the torrential downpour never came. 
We found the perfect place on the beach to have a perfect meal and headed to bed. The next morning the sky opened up and we saw it as our signal to take full advantage. We found a local renting his long-boat and negotiated a deal for him to take us to the outlying islands for a day trip. We were determined to get some sun. The sky cooperated and the day was filled with beach, snorkeling, beautiful islands and a sunset worthy of turning a corrupt soul.
Headed out on the longboat for our day in the sun

Feeding monkeys at monkey beach

I wonder what they were doing in the water??

Me and Jodie

Jodie and Nikky chillin
At one of the coves

On Maya Beach. This is the beach where they shot the movie “The Beach”

My favorite picture of the whole trip

We only had one more night on Phi Phi before heading out to Phuket.
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