Bangkok, Thailand

I have two days in Bangkok. A bustling, large city heavy with pollution. My friend, Mapi, keeps a place a few hours outside the city and happened to be there the same time as me. She came into the city and joined me for the two days. We strolled the night market full of knock offs, had an excellent Indian meal and laughed at all of the giggling Asian girls lined up at our hotel awaiting the Korean superstar boy band called “2pm” that were staying there. It seemed every single time Mapi and I were in the lobby, the groupies were lined up and the band would make their exit to clans of screaming girls. It became humorous.
Eating great Indian food

A food vendor in Chinatown

Sleeping Buddha

We did a bit of sightseeing the next day at the sleeping Buddha, took a ferry-boat down the river and strolled the massive malls in the city center. We took in the view at the sky bar a top the Tower Hotel and called it a night. 
Our last day there, we made our way to the Chatuchak market. A massive flea market that goes for what seemed to be miles. After haggling and bargaining I was able to secure 2 bikinis for $4.50 each. That is my kind of shopping. 
That’s all we had time for in Bangkok. It was already time to catch my next flight out to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I had no idea when I left Bangkok what was in store for me in Siem Reap. The next stop on the tour could quite literally be a defining moment in my life where I may one day say, “This is where my life changed”.  

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  1. olakino says:

    Well…… can't keep me hanging like that!! Defining, Life changing moment? Please have mercy! Ok, now I really have to anticipate the next entry. Good for you Chrissy! xoxo Karen

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