Back to Singers!

The tour is winding down and I now have to start thinking about booking my return back to the States. I have one last destination after this weekend in Singapore….Dubai, and then it is back to the US for a short while.
Kelly and I spent a fairly quiet weekend in Singapore sleeping in, relaxing and a little bit of socializing. We dined on chili crab before she insisted on taking me to what is called, “The Four Floors of Whores”. A venue with basically four floors of whores. The first and second floor have nightclubs with lots of men and lots of Asian hookers. The third floor has pole dancing clubs with lots of, again, Asian hookers and the fourth floor has more pole dancing clubs with lots of Asian ladyboy hookers (trans genders). A must see while in Singapore. It was a night to remember.
We enjoyed a lazy Sunday and an errand filled Monday. I spent the whole day trying to figure out how to get 65 kg of luggage, souvenirs and shopping bags back to the States. The plane had a baggage allowance of only 20 kg for a checked in bag. It took me the whole day to finally decide on sending a box through the mail. I ended up sending 20 kg home, but it wasn’t cheap!
The next morning will mark the end of the South East Asia tour. I will be off to the middle East to a desert oasis filled with opulence and modern architecture. Gold suks and 7 star hotels. My last stop on a world-wide tour. A stop I have imagined for years. I can’t wait to see what awaits me there. 

Chili crab!! A must try while in Singapore

There is a building with a  boat on top.  Hmmm….why didn’t we think of that?

We stopped here for a drink before going to the Four Floors of Whores

These are their Christmas lights. Purple everywhere.

3 Responses to “Back to Singers!”
  1. olakino says:

    Four floors of whores….now,that is an evening to remember! :)> Dubai…..I can't wait for this leg of the world tour. Opulance and 7 star hotels….what can be awaiting you there? Back to States for a short while?? Another world tour awaits? I don't know how you are going to settle back to the States after this journey of yours.Lighting of the Rockafeller Christmas tree I thought of you….NYC awaits you.

  2. Debonhill says:

    Haha!! You are right on the money!! I don't want to come back to the States, but I have to see the tree at X-Mas time!!! It is a must for me every year.NYC!!! The best place on earth at X-Mas!!

  3. olakino says:

    I knew it! You are going to settle somewhere in one of the stops on your world tour, aren't you? I am looking forward to hearing the REAL story…:O.when do you arrive in NYC? Are you spending holidays with family? Keep me posted….safe trip to Dubai…..I can see you in an outfit straight out of Sex & The City 2….:)

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