A Winter’s Break

From Christmas to mid February, I spent time with my family in Cincinnati helping to babysit my 11-year-old niece. I hadn’t decided where my next venture would be, so I took a short trip to Miami and stayed with a long time friend who was in desperate need of help. She was ill and had no idea. I was able to give her the guidance she needed and point her in the right direction in finding a proper doctor to give her a proper diagnosis. She was in bad shape, so I spent the next three weeks re-organizing her house that had been severely neglected.

This is the annual South Beach shot I get every year with friends in Miami. This year my friend, Vera stopped in town from LA for a visit along with her friend Paula from Brazil.

Once my job was done and I was able to see she was on the road to recovery, I was free to plan my next trip. As I said in an earlier post, Dubai is top of the list!

More fun in Dubai!

I went back to Dubai to visit my friend that hosted my previous stay. I spent 10 days reliving the fun and excitement I had experienced back in December. After Dubai, I flew back to Florida to meet up with my family in Sarasota for Spring break week. My mom, my sister, my two nieces, nephew and I spent the holiday week soaking up as much sun as possible.

It took all day, but they finally managed to bury her. One tiny handful at a time.

I then headed to the Hamptons for a quick weekend jaunt, back to Cincinnati for Easter then it was back to the chalkboard to begin to plan my BIG birthday coming up on May 7th.
The decision was finalized shortly thereafter……..Marrakech, Morocco!

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