10 Day Mediterranean Cruise….First Stop, Malta!

For the next 10 days, I will board a cruise ship with my Mom and my niece for a tour of the Mediterranean. It’s not my favorite way of exploring and traveling, but seems to be my Mom’s vacation of choice. I prefer to get to know each city I visit by taking my time seeing the sights and getting a feel for the culture instead of the rushed, fast paced itinerary a cruise will give you. But, when the invitation to join was extended, I gratefully obliged. As long as I am traveling,
I am happy. So, all aboard! Let the embarkation begin!
First stop, Malta……

Mom and Lydia

Our home for the next 10 days

A sweet little fishing village

Getting ready to see the Blue Grotto.  Somebody was not happy about the tiny little boat we had to get in to see it.

The Blue Grotto

Next stop…..Palermo, Sicily
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