Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, Sicily

One thing I know for sure is I have a good sense of direction. You could place me in the center of a foreign city, point me North and I will be able to find my way, wherever I need to go. I thank my Dad for this sense.
I have always loved reading maps and I’m good at it. I could sit and study a map all day. There is something soothing in it for me, but when we arrived in Palermo, I have never had a more difficult time relaying what the map said to what was reality on the streets. They did not coordinate properly. It was the most difficult city to navigate I have ever been to. And on a blistering hot Summer day, not the best of conditions to get lost in.
Arriving in Palermo

Jackpot! We found capers!!

In the fish market

It took us a long and difficult to walk to get to this restaurant (since the map didn’t notify us some streets were MISSING!). But it was a GREAT and well worth it Sicilian meal.

Next stop…..Naples, Italy
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