Mykonos, Greece. My New Home…..For Now

Finally, I am on the island! And now that I am here, I think I will stay……5 weeks! Mykonos is my last stop on the year-long tour around the world and I want to stay put. Traveling can be very exhausting, especially when you are alone and managing all of the luggage, the bookings, the directions and mapping and anything else that comes up. I wanted to relax and start to make some plans for what I would do next with my life when the year ends on August 16th. I guess I really should get back to a normal life, although, if I could figure out a way, I would do this forever.

After I became acquainted with the island, I managed to find a great booking at a beach front studio apartment on Kalo Livadi beach. It was about twenty minutes away from the center of town, but I didn’t mind. It had a beautiful beach, sun and the peace and quiet I needed to clear my thoughts. I needed to decompress from the past year. The booking I found was for 8 nights in the Sea Side Studios for 34 euro a night! It was a studio apartment situated right above the restaurant Solymar, only steps to the beach and with a beautiful view. I loved it! I had my own large veranda with sun loungers, a breakfast table, french doors, a small kitchen, refrigerator and enough room for another guest. I have to say, I think it was the best booking of the entire year.

After I left Sea Side Studios, I found another great deal on the same beach. This was for a 2 bedroom villa situated high in the side of the mountain allowing for a clear and breathtaking view across the bay. I stayed in the villa for just over two weeks.

Soon after I left Kalo Livadi, I started noticing the prices were going up little by little every day closer to August I came. I didn’t think I was going to last much longer. It was definitely getting too rich for me. I was losing luck in finding the steals and made a decision to head off the island and back to the US for the month of August to regroup.

Although, I did come to one conclusion while in Kalo Livadi. I needed to go back to work, but I just didn’t see myself going back to live in the States. Wherever I was going to be, I would have to be online looking for work and submitting my resume and if I went back to the States, I would soon have to get an apartment and settle in, but where? I really don’t want to tie myself to a lease in one city and then get a job in another city. So I came up with a solution, why don’t I come back to Mykonos, secure a small little apartment there (they are all furnished, anyway) and sit on my computer there and look for work?! Perfect!

August 11th, just 5 days shy of one year, I flew back to the States glowing from my deep Mediterranean tan. I repacked my bags and rebooked a new ticket back to Mykonos for mid September.

Goodbye for now, Mykonos! I will be back!

My island ride

Let me take you on a tour of the island I have fallen in love with....

A church in the center of town

Another church

One of my favorite spots, Little Venice

The famous windmills

Platis Yialos beach

Kalo Livadi beach. Where I stayed most of my visit.

The view from my veranda at Sea Side Studios

The view from my 2 bedroom villa in Kalo Livadi

Capari Beach

The Emerald Water

The water taxi headed to Paradise Beach

Headed out to Agio Sostis

Agio Sostis

The Beach of Agio Sostis

Sunset at Little Venice


More dusk

An authentic home cooked Greek meal

Horta! One of my favorite traditional Greek dishes.

Full moon party at the Santa Marina Hotel

The yachts in the harbor made a beautiful reflection with the full moon

I love these kind of shots. I am betting that this guy was a whole lot of fun the previous night.

My American friends have arrived. Happy to have some American company.

My three favorite Bulgarians

Dancing the night away

How she walked on the cobblestone roads with these shoes, I'll never understand

A day at Kalo Livadi Beach with my American friends

The dancing on the table begins at my favorite beach bar, Solymar

But, he's not impressed

The second best beach bar in Mykonos is in Psarou beach. This is Nammos before lunch.

This is Nammos during lunch...

We have just finished eating....

This is Nammos after lunch

Good times!

I have ended my first year traveling in the place I wish to stay for a while.....Greece!

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