Perugia courthouse

Amanda Knox ‘Overwhelmed’ as She Returns Home to Seattle – Yahoo! News

I spent many days in the Perugia area of Italy last December. I passed by the courthouse where news trucks were staked in anticipation of the outcome of one of the hearings in the Amanda Knox case. The house where the murder took place was not far from the courthouse. I snapped a picture.

Today, as Amanda is freed, I am reminded of those days in a cold and bitter December.


Amanda Knox ‘Overwhelmed’ as She Returns Home to Seattle – Yahoo! News

3 Responses to “Amanda Knox ‘Overwhelmed’ as She Returns Home to Seattle – Yahoo! News”
  1. Amanda Knox is having a hamburger named after her in Seattle.

  2. you should post more often great read, also like the theme of the site.

  3. I can only imagine what Knox is going though now that she is home. She must not be able to leave the house without a swarm. I wonder what her next move will be, school…book….movie??? So much money to be made! I read her family is in debt really bad now!!!

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