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Steve Jobs- A Reason I Am Able To Travel

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I awoke this morning from a good nights sleep in my small studio apartment overlooking a bay on the island of Paros, Greece. I snapped open my MacBook that so reliably finds my current internet network and hit the “F” key which will always bring me to my loyal friend and confidant, “Facebook”. While I have my iPod plugged in to charge up battery in anticipation of a day away from my best friend, Mac, I scroll through the news posts of my network of friends and find a long thread of status’ remembering the man who made this all possible for me. The updates read: Steve Jobs, Apple Founder Dies.

I grew up in an era where there were no cell phones, no computers, no social networking, no palm pilots and no ATMs. If you traveled around the world, you had to rely on making phone calls through calling cards or (if your parents were supportive) collect calls. You would write your travel journals by hand in a notebook probably given to you as a gift by a family member or well-wisher. You would leave on your journey not knowing when or how you would be in contact with your loved ones. Writing letters and sending them in the mail was the most likely way of staying in touch. Remember postcards? Do people even buy those anymore? And what about money? Western Union has seen its better days. Cash machines, credit cards and the ability to manage it all from a computer has given independence a makeover.

Gone are the days that you leave for an international expedition and your parents worry about where you are or when will be the next opportunity to speak with you. Now, there is Facebook, Skype, internet cafes, emails, MacBooks, iPads, iPods and iPhones that will keep even the most adventurous of travelers connected to their worry stricken Mothers.

The world is getting smaller thanks to men like Steve Jobs. I have been traveling for 14 months with no home and no car, but I don’t feel for a second that I am alone, nervous about my surroundings or worried I may get stranded or lost. I have my trusty and loyal best friend, Mac, to guide me and give me all of the information that I need to make sound choices. Mac keeps me company on the quiet and lonely nights connecting me to friends all over the world. He allows me write about my journey and keeps my words safe for a later review. He will even back those thoughts up in a multitude of venues in the event Mac gets himself lost or kidnapped. And he is always willing to connect me to a voice when a conversation is needed. Even when Mac is too heavy to carry with me on an excursion or a beach, I bring his youngest of brothers, iPod, a mini version of Mac that always fills any sense of worry with confidence.

They have been my tour guides, my confidants, my friends, my GPS, my travel agent and a higher voice protecting me along my way. They give me a sense of security that wherever I am, I am not alone. They are trusted, loyal and completely invaluable. I would not recommend to anyone traveling without them.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for making my current life possible. Even though today, your life leaves this earth, you will be forever with me on the journey of my life.

3 Responses to “Steve Jobs- A Reason I Am Able To Travel”
  1. Karen says:

    Hi chrissy, what a beautiful testament to honor Steve jobs as you have this morning…your words have captured so eloquently what every single person on earth has either thought of or should be thinking of. Life is taken for granted this generation with all that we have on the technology world because of Steve jobs. Thank you for sharing your thoughts & sending him home work acknowledging his absolutely huge contribution and a visionary to us all. I remember no cell phones, snail mail, pay phones…etc. Last week I was absolutely thrilled to receive a postcard through the mail from a friend who thought of me in an airport. It was a welcome surprise to be enjoyed. Much love to you in greece. Give my ancestors a huge face in the sun ole from me. I hope to do the sameyself someday. Xoxo karen

  2. Thank you, Karen. He was more important than most of the young kids realize. It will be interesting to see what happens next with Apple.
    Yes, if I am still here when you are ready, you MUST visit!
    Signing off on my MacBook and putting my iPod to rest along with Steve Jobs. RIP

  3. Dead composed content , thanks for information .

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