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Beauty Secrets From The Mekong Delta in Vietnam- Royal Jelly

Royal jelly as a beauty product? Sounds more like a royal mess to me.

My guide at the bee farm

While I was in Vietnam visiting the Mekong Delta, I visited a bee farm and learned a bit about honey and…… jelly. That is, royal jelly in its most natural and freshest form not in the capsule form you most often see in stores.

Royal jelly in its natural form

I was told by my guide and reassured that the use of royal jelly in its natural form on the face for skin care would change my skin dramatically after using it nightly.

I love a challenge and I’m always up for new beauty secrets, so I bought a tiny little tub he convinced me should last well into a year.

He was right about it changing my skin. It really worked. I noticed a visible difference in the smoothness, the clarity and overall freshness my skin had. I looked younger. I really could see a dramatic change. The only downfall is that, it is jelly….. and jelly is messy. It’s a bit sticky and soon dries up after its application, but sleeping in it can make you a bit self conscious. I stuck to the bed pillow more than once and woke up feeling like a dust magnet. And the tiny tub didn’t last me years. It only lasted me a couple of months, but then again…..maybe I was using too much of it. Maybe that’s why I was sticking to the bed pillow.

After researching the properties in royal jelly, I found it contains many positive  elements that would benefit the skin such as vitamins A, B1,B2, B6, B12, D, E, Folic acid, Nicotinamide, Pantothenic acid, Minerals and 17 kinds of Amino acids. It also contains acetyl choline, enzymes and 10-Hydroxy-Decenoic acid. Now it makes sense.

Name: Fresh Royal Jelly

Cost: Somewhere between $5 and $10 an oz.

Where to buy: The Mekong Delta, beauty supply stores and online  FRESH ROYAL JELLY 4-OZ

Recommended products:

YS Royal Jelly/Honey Bee – Royal Jelly Super Ultimate Strength, 20.3 oz gel

Royal Jelly & Honey Natural Cream – Face & Eye – 0.5 oz Curealia




6 Responses to “Beauty Secrets From The Mekong Delta in Vietnam- Royal Jelly”
  1. elizabeth says:

    thanx chrissy for this. im also always down to try ANYTHING to make me look younger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will google and purchase. thanx

  2. Karen says:

    Chrissy, I have been using Royal Jelly for years! It truely is a miracle from nature. the Queen Bee ingests it as her only source of food which makes her almost 5 times larger than the worker bees. I went through a phase of ingesting it myself and instantly had more energy than I knew what to do with! Now, there is a trick to using it successfully and not to waste a single drop of this goldmine for the skin. Take a tiny amount onto a fingertips then emulsify (rub your fingertips of both hands together gently) then pat onto your skin. No need for a thick layer, just a dewy feeling on the skin. That jar might not have lasted you a year but, much longer than it did. I hate to say the thick layer is wasting it but, it is. Your skin should feel like it has a tiny bit of something on it. Your skin can only absorb so much, like a sponge. the rest will just lay on the surface. So, no more wasting and no more sticky pillowcases! I am the Queen of skincare and of anything that will keep me looking fresh & young… long as I can. :). You have now motivated me to begin my gold in a jar all over again. Thanks Chrissy. xoxo Karen

    • Thanks for all of the info on how to avoid the royal mess! I have a tub with me now. I think I ruined the hotel sheets the other night :0 I will try again your way. I knew there was a better way!! Thanks, Karen!!

  3. Andreas says:

    Royal jelly is a real founting of youth

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