Sex and the Cities

Sex In The Cities- People Keep Asking Me To……Should I Kiss And Tell?

Just a thought….as many of my closest friends know, I have been writing a book this past year with all of the juicy details in my soap opera like travel diary. It has every date, every pass, every kiss, every romance and every successful or unsuccessful attempt a man has made at gaining entry and my thoughts throughout it all.
I was wondering if there might be interest from anyone to read a little dirt every once in a while? It would be kind of like a bloggers ‘Sex and the City’, but instead, it would be ‘Sex and the Cities‘.

I have been pretty G-rated on my blog for fear a niece or little cousin of mine might be influenced by my naughty tales so there would have to be rules. It wouldn’t be for public consumption and if I am able to control in which hands it finds itself, then I may be willing to let a few of you in on the scandalous details of my romances around the world. If I can manage to do this, I would have it available on a subscription basis and I would have the final say who is subscribed to it. I am not going to let my niece and little cousins have access to it, nor will I allow any potential romantic interests in on the gold (I have to keep some sense of feminine virtue ;))

I’m also hoping to inspire a few of you single gals to kick up your Louboutins, leave the old ball and chain of a job behind, travel the world and have some fun…..and I encourage you to do it all ALONE! It is the best way!

Let me know your thoughts!

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6 Responses to “Sex In The Cities- People Keep Asking Me To……Should I Kiss And Tell?”
  1. Karen says:

    Chrissy, are you kidding me? All the questions I have been dying to ask, you will divulge the exotic & the erotic? Ummmmm, yes! Sign me up! Since I live vicariously through your amazing adventures, it would be a yet another insight to the world according to Chrissy. It’s understandable to keep safe for the family but please add me to your subscription list!
    Your encouragement to all to kick up the heels & just go for it & travel is awesome. If I could do it I would. So, I read your adventures imstead. So kiss n tell? Yes! Keep me posted. Karen

  2. Glama Ray says:

    Yes, yes and a hell yes! 😉 Chrissy, I am so excited that you have been able to take this world wide adventure and willing to share the high’s, low’s and “oh, my’s” … Go for it girly! Kiss and tell away!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Yes…we all want details. Some of us will admit it, others wont…but it will be read!

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