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Beauty Secrets From Morocco- Pure Argan Oil For The Skin

We’ve all heard our hairdressers lately talk about the rage in Moroccan oil. They are all trying to sell us this dry oil that will make our hair shine like a baby’s bottom without leaving it heavy. But did you know the Moroccan oil they are talking about is actually argan oil?

Plantation of argans

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What is argan oil? Argan is a nut that is grown on an argan tree and argan trees only grow in Morocco. Hence, the reason they call it Moroccan oil. It should actually be called argan oil and in Morocco….it is!

The product your hairdresser is trying to sell you is likely a product that has some amount of argan oil in it, but is mixed with other product. Be sure to read the labeling carefully to see the list of ingredients.

In Morocco, I was able to go directly to the argan factory near Essaouira and watch how they make the argan oil and little did I know pure argan oil can be manufactured to be used in a variety of ways. It’s not only for hair care. It can processed and pressed in different ways to be used for skin care applied directly to your face, for cellulite and varicose veins (yippy!), for psoriasis, for soap and even for consumption. It has a nutty flavor and is great for dipping breads. I used it in the mornings to drizzle over a hard-boiled egg.

Argan factory

I am helping to grind the argan nuts to make a paste that will then be made into oil

The argan oil contains 44% Oleic acid, 30% Alpha-linolenic acid, 12% Palmitic acid, 6% Stearidinic acid, 5% Linoleic acid and 3% Myristic acid, which is excellent for skin care. I purchased the argan oil for the skin, for cellulite and for the Hammam (soap used in the traditional bath houses). I’ve been using the cellulite oil and honestly, I can’t tell the difference. Maybe if I would stop with all of the pastries, it would be more effective. The eucalyptus soap for the Hammam is incredible. You rub the soap all over, leave it on for five minutes and then use an exfoliation stone (given at purchase) to exfoliate the skin. It works great and leaves the room with a fresh, clean smell after use. The argan oil I purchased for the face, I have to admit, I have only used a few times. I have so many other products to try, I’m a little backed up, but I did read that the potency wears out after about 6 months, so I’d better get on it.

Argan oil

This is the brand I bought directly from the factory for cosmetic purposes

Name: Argan oil

Cost: $40-$50 for 500 ml

Where to buy: Morocco (mainly in the Southwestern region), there are many products online like this one- Watts Beauty ArganGoldTM 100% Certified Organic Cold Pressed Argan Nut Oil for Hair & Body – Morocco 1oz, or you can go to the factory’s website that I visited near Essaouira here:  (The site is not in English, so it may be difficult to navigate)


Recommended products:

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Watts Beauty ArganGoldTM 100% Certified Organic Cold Pressed Argan Nut Oil for Hair & Body – Morocco 1oz

ELMA&SANA® Golden Argan Oil 100% Pure Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Certified By Ecocert -4oz(120ml)


3 Responses to “Beauty Secrets From Morocco- Pure Argan Oil For The Skin”
  1. candice says:

    Wow, I had no idea it could be used for varicose veins and cellulite– or for psoriasis. Guess I better get on that and try it out! Thanks for the awesome post.

  2. Varda Israel says:

    i wold like to ask you about the skincare product.

    thank you varda israel

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