Delos, Greece

Delos, Greece

I had a goal when I went to Delos. The goal was to hit 60 cities in 20 countries before the one year mark on August, 16th. I was scheduled to fly back to the States for a re-group on August 11th. It is now August 9th and I am still on the island of Mykonos having a hard time leaving the place I fell in love with. But, I need one more stop to make the goal. The island of Delos is the closest thing, so Delos it will be.

Unfortunately, the night before I was scheduled to go, I met up with friends in town and drank too many vodka soda’s, but I was determined to get to Delos even with the pounding hangover. And if you want to go to Delos, the only time to go is in the morning since the last ferry bringing you back leaves around 2:oo in the afternoon. I made my way to the port, purchased my ticket and hopped on the ferry that rode me 30 minutes over to the port of Delos.

Delos, Greece

You can't see it, but I am really tired

I disembarked, paid the 5 euro entrance fee to see the archeological site (this is when I realized I must have dropped another 30 euro when paying my ferry ticket….damn!) walked 100 steps in, took 7 pictures, turned around, walked through the exit and reentered the ferry that was getting ready to head back to Mykonos.

Delos, Greece

The ruins in Delos, Greece

I didn’t get to feel the energy that I was told Delos has. It’s supposed to have some sort of force field being that it is the central most location of the Cyclades and due to its landscape it receives dominating light throughout the day, but my head wasn’t straight enough and my energy field wasn’t feeling like tapping into any higher powers other than a higher power of sleep.

God willing, I will make it back to Delos one day to feel this energy I have heard so much about, that is if I can stay away from the late nights that so easily tempt my willpower in Mykonos.


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  1. Nice article that reminded me of my visit there in 2005 – I also remember how expensive it was in the little shop, is it still the same?

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