Luwak coffee

Health Secrets From Bali- Luwak Poop (Civet) Coffee….(yes, you heard it right)

En route from Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia to Ubud, Bali, our tour guide made a quick stop to a traditional Balinese home to let us try a very exotic drink that had become only recently renowned worldwide for its health benefits, called civet coffee.

When I say exotic, I mean very exotic. The drink is coffee, but the way the coffee is made is something you could never imagine.

First, you must go high in the Balinese mountains and find a rodent called a Kopi Luwak.

Kopi Luwak

Poor guy's job is to just eat and poop all day

The Luwak likes to eat coffee berries for its fleshy pulp, but it doesn’t fully digest the coffee bean. Instead, the bean ferments in its stomach along with specific enzymes that seep into the bean. The bean is then defecated whole and intact. What happens to that bean in the fermenting process, is what is being called a breakthrough in health science.

During the fermenting process, the coffee bean undergoes a transformation and becomes loaded with anti-oxidants. It is now being touted as one of the most powerful anti-oxidants in the world and the most expensive. One lb can easily sell for $100- $600.

Luwak coffee bean

The bean after is has been taken out of the Luwak poop

We all know the powerful health benefits and effects of anti-oxidants. They reduce inflammation, prevent cancer and have a host of other life extending qualities. The use of the defecated bean is showing promise in preventing prostate cancer. This could quite possibly be a life saving cup of Joe.

Don’t ask me how high up in the Balinese mountains someone was able to figure all of this out. To know this would be some sh*t!

Name: Civet Coffee (Indonesia) or Motit coffee (Philippines)

Cost: $100- $600 a lb.

Where to buy: Indonesia, Philippines or online Kopi Luwak High Class Whole Bean Coffee Bag 200 grams, Medium Roast

4 Responses to “Health Secrets From Bali- Luwak Poop (Civet) Coffee….(yes, you heard it right)”
  1. Vanessa says:

    I will eat a few extra blueberries & call it a day…

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