Mykonos, Greece

Higher Numbers In Greek Tourism Industry Are Promising

As austerity measures are imminent for the Greek people, there is some sense of relief as today’s European deal reduced Greece‘s debt by 100 billion. Travel and tourism was up 10% this year not just in revenues, but in arrivals as well. The question remains if the Greek economy can sustain these numbers next year with anticipated austerity measures yet to show their influence and the unsettlement in Northern Africa coming to an end.

I personally spent two and a half months in Greece this Summer and as a tourist, I can vouch for the incredible value for the money spent. There are hotel deals on nearly every island during the Summer season going into the Fall. Most Americans are programmed to think anything in Europe is expensive. This is not the case in Greece. If you know where to look, you can find an affordable alternative on most Greek vacation areas.

One resource that I use religiously is’s “Exclusive Deals” site. You have to sign up for the email notification of the “Flash Deals” that will save you 50% and more off featured hotels.

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