Paros, Greece- Now Here’s A Beach With My Name On It

I left Mykonos for Paros needing some peace and quiet. I had too many crazy nights my last week in Mykonos and Paros was only a short ferry ride away. I was told that Paros would be empty and quiet this time of year. Perfect! The exact reason I am going there.

I took a tour of the island by ATV (since no one will rent me a scooter. I guess you need a motorcycle license for that). I think I had the whole island to myself. It was great. The roads were empty, the beaches were empty and there was still plenty of sun to enjoy a swim.

I headed straight for my namesake beach, Chrissi Akti. I had seen it on a map a while back and kept my eye on it. I thought it would be fun to visit a beach with my name. I found it to be beautiful. It was vast and completely empty. I had the whole beach to myself.

Chrissi Akti Beach

Chrissy at Chrissi Beach

I rented a cute little room in the center of Parikia, the main town, where I had a balcony that looked over the quaint, charming streets and sat directly eye line with a church. It was a beautiful sight to wake up to in the morning. I could hear the bells from the church and the people singing in the morning.

Church view from my hotel, Paros, Greece

The view from my hotel

Paros is a pretty good-sized island. Driving through the canyons reminded me very much of driving in California. You see brown hills and low-lying brush as the road takes you through winding hillsides.

I was most impressed with 2 areas of Paros. Actually, one is on Paros and the other is on Paros’ little sister island, Antiparos.

You can travel to Antiparos by ferry, on foot or with a car or motorbike. I rode on with my ATV. The most impressive part of Antiparos is a cave which is the island’s main attraction. There are 411 steps from the top of the cave to the bottom. The stalactites and stalagmites are impressive. Don’t bother working out in the morning because you will have to walk all the way back up those stairs when you’re finished. Even the fittest will sure to give off a few huffs and puffs on the climb up.


This is the view looking up from the bottom of the cave

The other part of the island I was most impressed with was an area on Paros called Kolimbithres. It lies directly across from the town of Naoussa and is tucked away in Plastira Bay.  It’s particularly beautiful due to the large boulders of granite that cover the area. The formations lie all the way to the edge of the water and there are very small white sand beaches tucked coyly in between the piles. The water here is magnificent and the granite formations give a beautiful and unique back drop different from the usual beach coves.


The area of Kolimbithres

It rained the last few days I was there which was fine. Those are always the days I get a lot of writing done. I decided to capitalize on the bad weather and use it for a travel day. It was time to head to Santorini.

Now, this is an island I am excited to see!

Town of Lefkes

Walking through the town of Lefkes

Paros Romantic Vacation on raveable

4 Responses to “Paros, Greece- Now Here’s A Beach With My Name On It”
  1. A lovely article took me right back to Paros

  2. Michael says:

    Hi, Thanks for the wonderful job of sharing your experiences of Paros. You got a well rounded look at our island during the off season. Much better than the beaches and night clubs that so many young people write about.

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