Beauty Secrets From The Mekong Delta in Vietnam- Royal Jelly

Bee collecting pollen

Royal jelly as a beauty product? Sounds more like a royal mess to me. While I was in Vietnam visiting the Mekong Delta, I visited a bee farm and learned a bit about honey and…… jelly. That is, royal jelly in its most natural and freshest form not in the capsule form you most often […]

Steve Jobs- A Reason I Am Able To Travel

Steve Jobs

I awoke this morning from a good nights sleep in my small studio apartment overlooking a bay on the island of Paros, Greece. I snapped open my MacBook that so reliably finds my current internet network and hit the “F” key which will always bring me to my loyal friend and confidant, “Facebook”. While I […]

Amanda Knox ‘Overwhelmed’ as She Returns Home to Seattle – Yahoo! News

Perugia courthouse

I spent many days in the Perugia area of Italy last December. I passed by the courthouse where news trucks were staked in anticipation of the outcome of one of the hearings in the Amanda Knox case. The house where the murder took place was not far from the courthouse. I snapped a picture. Today, […]

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