Hostal La Savina

Hotel Review- Hostal La Savina, Formentera, Spain

Planning a trip to the Balearic islands in Spain? You must make a stop in the island of Formentera. It is a short 20 minute ferry ride from Ibiza and will host a vacation of serene peace and beauty you will not regret.

My first pick for a place to lay your head in Formentera is Hostal La Savina, but don’t let the name fool you. You will not feel as if you’re in a hostel even for a minute.

Hostal La Savina is conveniently located within walking distance from the ferry port. Hull your bags from the ferry down the main street and you will find Hostal La Savina on your right hand side.

Once you walk through the front lobby and into the lounge area facing the expansive view of the sea and boating harbor, you will know you have come to the right place. Settle in and get comfortable. You won’t want to leave.

View at Hostal La Savina

View from the hall window at Hostal La Savina

The lounge, bar area and dining area have a natural relaxing open air atmosphere all facing unobstructed views of the sea. There is a restaurant and snack area serving anything from pizza to soup to fresh fish. You can enjoy a sun lounger on the beach just steps from the bar and restaurant to watch the popular sunsets. The hostel plays relaxing lounge music throughout and serves a generous buffet breakfast.

View from Hostal La Savina dining area

View from the dining area

Be sure to book a sea view room. All sea view rooms have balconies and a tranquil spill of lounge music billowing from the bar area located below.

View from Hostal La Savina balcony

View from the 2nd floor room balcony

No need for a car. The island is flat and small enough to use a bicycle or motorbike. There are bicycle and motor bike rentals located next to the hostel and a grocery store conveniently across the street to fill up the refrigerator offered in the room.

There are many other dining options within walking distance and the pristine beaches of Ses Salines are only a 15 minute bike ride away.

Prices can fluctuate between low, mid and peak seasons. I was able to secure a sea view, single room with breakfast and wi-fi included at the end of May for 55 euro a night ($78).

Excellent value for the money spent!

Where: Formentera, Spain in the Balearic islands

Avgda Mediterrània, 22-40

07870 Formentera, Spain

+34 971 322 279

Price: 55 euro for a single during the month of May. All other rates must be quoted by calling the hostel. Rates were unavailable online as of this writing. *TIP* Don’t go by the rates on a hotel’s website. Always call the hotel and ask directly what their rates are. Many times, hotels will quote better rates over the phone versus the rates found on their websites or other booking sites.


Disclaimer: There was no exchange of room for review nor was there any promise of sponsorship for press. It was solely by my discretion that I wrote this review.

The beaches of Ses Salines

The beaches of Ses Salines

Sunset at Hostal La Savina

Sunset at Hostal La Savina

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3 Responses to “Hotel Review- Hostal La Savina, Formentera, Spain”
  1. Great review on an absolutely beautiful hotel. These are the exact destinations and properties that make us want to travel and be at peace.
    Great job!

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