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Health Secrets From Bali- The Eat, Pay, Heal Medicine Woman

While I was traveling through Bali last Fall, it happened to be right around the time the movie Eat, Pray, Love was released in theaters. In the movie, Julia Roberts’ character travels to Bali and visits a healer named, Wayan. A woman with a superior knowledge of healing through ancient Balinese tradition and natural medicine.

I was lucky enough to be able to get in to have a healing session with her at the Balinese Traditional Healing Center. She did her usual check up by looking at my hands, my knees, inside my mouth and poking at different body parts. By doing this she, apparently, could tell how my cholesterol was, the cleanliness of my blood and even my fertility.

The checkup with Wayan the healer

Wayan giving me a checkup

After the checkup, she prescribed many herbs, vitamins and a few oils to help alleviate any of the medical issues she discovered. There was an oil to help with migraines, one for stomach problems and leaves she rubbed on my face and arms along with what looked like pimple cream. Of all of the products she prescribed, I was most impressed with the headache oil. You could feel its potency and effects immediately as she rubbed it into my temples and on the back of my neck. Even if it isn’t the cure-all for a migraine, it was very soothing.

I was fed a “Vitamin lunch” which included a variety of organic tastings all with labels of what benefits it has to the body. It was excellent and by far the best part of the experience. Overall, I would go back a second time solely for the vitamin lunch. It was delicious, healthy and made you feel good knowing you were being good to your body. Worth the few dollars spent.

Vitamin lunch

Vitamin lunch

I’m not completely convinced of Wayan’s powers since I was seemingly healthy at the time and she was seemingly too busy to help the onslaught of American girls coming all the way to Bali for a chance at a ‘novel’ experience.

Although, I have to admit, I mentioned to her a problem I was having with the inability to wear earrings. My ears were inflamed as if they were having an allergic reaction. She rubbed some leaves and ointments on them and after having this problem for close to six months, it disappeared in the following weeks. I later inquired to my doctor about the problem. He reassured me I was having an autoimmune reaction to stress. Whatever it was, it coincidentally cleared up after seeing Wayan.

I was with a friend that had a more intense experience with Wayan. She had recently been notified by her doctor that her breast cancer had returned. Wayan picked up on her illness and immediately sent her to the king of all healers on the island for an intense healing session and tumor eliminating ritual. Unfortunately, only family members were invited to attend, but my friend left the session certain that the majority of her tumors had disappeared….except for one.

Not long after returning to the US, she was advised to have a double mastectomy.

It was worth the journey to Ubud and to Wayan’s healing center just for the sheer experience of witnessing another culture’s beliefs and traditions in healing and medicine. Wether she can do anything for you or not, would have to be subjective to your personal beliefs.

Name: Wayan the healer

Cost: $65 for the total package (body reading, lunch, massage and prescribed herbs to take home); $25 just for the vitamin lunch and reading; $2-3 for the various oils

Where: Balinese Traditional Healing Center, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia (across from the town post office)

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