Santorini- The Supermodel Of the Greek Islands

I was very excited to arrive in Santorini. There had been so much talk up until now about its beauty, energy and serene vitality, I almost couldn’t imagine a place with such luster. When the ferry pulled into the tiny port, I saw for the first time a glimpse of an island that encompassed a […]

Fashion Forward Friday- Bulgarian Fashion Muse Of The Day

I have been very impressed with the funky and fashion forward city of Sofia. I just wish I had thought of it earlier to snap a few pics of the fashions I saw on the streets. This city really knows how to dress. Related articles And The Winner Of Mrs. Bulgaria 2011 is…… (

Greek Horta

I have now spent so much time in Greece that I was bound to accumulate many favorite dishes while there. Horta was one of the first dishes I had the pleasure of tasting at my first home cooked Greek dinner. Horta when translated into English means ‘greens’. You can choose any type of greens to […]

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