Getting Engaged? Two Top Spots For A Proposal in Santorini, Greece

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I found it fitting to give my top pick for the most romantic spot to propose.

I spent two weeks in Santorini scowering the landscape for special spots and magical views of the volcano. There are a multitude of choices when it comes to beautiful views, but none captured my attention more than the two I am about to tell you about. If you are looking for that magical setting in one of the world’s leading locations for romance to pop the question, these may be the spots for you.

The first is sweet, hidden and nearly unknown to the locals. I asked around and I couldn’t find one local that knew about this spot.

Caldera natural heart carving

The natural heart carved into the side of the caldera showing the view of the volcano

There is a heart carved naturally into the side of the caldera giving you a unique view of the volcano. Only steps away from this natural love carving you will find the chapel of Agios Nikolaos built carefully into the side of the caldera. You will find it in the Megalochlori area of Santorini tucked deep away far from prying eyes and tourist directories.

Megalochori- Agios Nikolaos

The bell tower of Agios Nikolaos chapel

The second spot is as uniquely special and more of an effort to get to. There is a church located on top of the highest point along the caldera. You will have to hike to it and it is an uphill climb, but well worth the effort. It is about a 25 -30 minute walk along the caldera from Oia. Time your journey to arrive about 30 minutes before sundown to allow enough time to sit and savor the beauty you will witness. There is an energy at the top and magic felt in this special spot that will have you amazed there could be this much peace and beauty in one place. It is my top pick for the best sunset view on the island.

Santorini sunset and chapel

The church at the highest point of the caldera

Both of these locations are worthy of any proposal and will be sure to deliver a memorable moment. Timing either to happen at sunset will make certain a ‘Yes’ is in your future.

How to get to the heart carving and the chapel of Agios Nikolaos from Fira:

-Take the main road out of the center of Fira towards the South (you will pass the post office and Hotel Daedalus on the left)

Map of Agios Nikolaos chapel

Map of Agios Nikolaos chapel and caldera natural heart carving

-Follow straight along the edge of the caldera

-Follow the fork to the right with signs to Pyrgo, Perissa, Port and Akrotiri

-Pass the Santo Winery

-Continue to follow the road to the right

-Look for Artemis Suites Caldera on the right

-Turn right into their driveway

– Follow the road to the right through the chicken, goat and donkey field (sometimes they’re there and sometimes they’re not)

-Park along the edge of the caldera

-Follow the foot path on your left until you come to a set of stairs

-Follow the stairs down and you will see the heart to your right and the bell tower of the chapel down the path on your left

-Take a breath, enjoy the moment, savor the view and propose…..Congratulations! How could a girl say ‘No’?

How to get to the church……

-Begin walking along the caldera in the town of Oia headed South

-Veer right when you come to the Perivolas Market and Deli

-Contiue along the caldera until the stone road ends in the parking lot of what looks like an industrial building

-Continue on through the parking lot and pick up the stone and gravel foot path along the caldera

-Follow the foot path up the side of the hill until you come to a church (don’t get this church confused with the one you are looking for…..this is not the spot)

-Pass the church and continue up the hill all the way to the highest point

-You will see the small church at the very top…..this is the spot!  (Bring a flashlight in the event you decide to stay past sundown. The walk down the hill back to Oia can get dark)

**If you decide to use either of these spots for a proposal, please tell me your stories. We all love to hear a tale of romance now and then**

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35 Responses to “Getting Engaged? Two Top Spots For A Proposal in Santorini, Greece”
  1. Oooh, getting proposed in Santorini would be so romantic! I went there for a day and just loved it, though I was with my sister, so it wasn’t exactly romantic. I can’t wait to go back with my husband! Maybe someday for an anniversary…

  2. If you go back, you have to try to find these two spots. Really special places. Bring a bottle of wine or a sip of champagne at sunset. You won’t be disappointed;)

  3. A.B. says:

    Hi Chrissy,

    I hope your travels are going well. I’m heading out to Greece next week and am planning a proposal in Santorini; so your blog was a very welcome find. We will actually be staying in the Hotel Daedalus which you mentioned in your directions to the heart carving. I was wondering if the heart carving was walking distance from our hotel since I wasn’t planning on renting a car. If not, would you instead recommend a taxi pick us up and drop us off from the Artemis Suites?

    Thank you.

  4. Ben Brickwood says:


    I have just returned from Santorini and would like to Thankyou for your article. I had seen your article a few months ago after looking for the perfect proposal spot in Santorini. We hired an ATV for the day and with the help of your directions and a little google maps I easily found the turning and went a few steps ahead in order to place an inscribed stone by the heart carving.. When my partner came down the steps and saw the carving along with the stone ( which was inscribed “will you marry me?” ) she turned around to find me with ring in hand.. The moment was perfect, the spot was more romantic than I had expected and the answer was YES.. Many thanks again for sharing this amazing find..

    Kind regards

    • I love it!!!! Thank you for coming back and sharing your story. I am very happy for you. She is a lucky girl for having such a thoughtful fiancé to put so much thought into the proposal.

      Good luck and congratulations!!

      • BumpyJohnson says:

        Chrissy thank you so much for your in depth information and directions. I am planning on proposing to the love of my life in the Greek islands and the church looks like it would be the perfect spot. I would love to be able to do something similar to Ben Brokenwood in sneaking up there first to light lots of candles ect. It seems as if it would be a lot of trouble but I do want it to be perfect… She isthe girl of my dreams after all! 🙂

        • Chrissy says:

          Good luck BumpyJohnson! Keep in mind, Santorini is very windy, especially at both of the spots I mentioned above! Candles will be difficult to keep lit, but you can certainly try. It might b best to have a plan B in place. Maybe you can place flower petals in the area or the kind of candles that are lit with batteries.
          Come back and tell us how it went!! Good luck to you!!

  5. Rich says:

    Can anyone give me any hints as to where I can find the heart on google maps? I’ve had a look but had no joy. I’m planning on using it to pop ther question soon and I want to make sure I know excalty where it is so things so as smoothly as possible.


  6. Brent says:

    Chrissy, thanks so much for the tips! I’m planning on proposing at the church spot at the end of this month. Sounds like it will be phenomenal!!! Quick question, how long of a walk is it from Oia and what are the chances that there will be other people at the spot? I’d like to make the moment as intimate as possible. Maybe it would be the case for going there before sunset?

    Thanks again and I’ll let you know how it goes!!!

    • Gerry says:


      Brent has asked the exact same questions I was going to ask about the Church spot! I was thinking of using this for my proposal to my girlfriend in September of this year – it sounds beautiful. Would there likely be a lot of people milling around during the sunset, or would it be quite intimate and quiet?

      Brent – perhaps if yours went well, you would be happy to share what it was like? 🙂

      Many thanks both.


  7. CS says:

    Hey Chrissy!

    I have booked my flights and hotel to Fira for end of August and have been looking for an ideal proposal location! Thanks for the fantastic ideas and directions! I am won over by the idea of proposing at the heart carving – she’ll love it!

    We will not be driving and thinking about how I can make a day of it. Any ideas from anyone are welcome!?

    I note that it is near Santo winery so maybe i can take her there for wine tasting (which she’ll love) and go for a walk after, ending up at the heart. Is it a far walk?

    I’ll come back and post how it goes. Thanks

  8. Nakul says:

    Hi Chrissy,

    Great post! I actually had a few questions about the heart shaped rock (getting there, the walk, etc.) because I am planning to propose there this september. If you could please email me I would love to pick your brain about it. Thank you very much.

  9. Peter says:

    Hi Chrissy!
    As all above, thanks alot for the pictures and directions!

    I would love to propose on either of the places but the heartshaped rock is something special in my opinion. We are arrive on boat (Royal caribbean) and have a day on the Island. I like to hike alot during the exurcsions and i believe we arrive in Fira. I would assume that it is no walking distance to either of the locations but that I need a cab or something? (if you are familiar with the island).

    As the question above, do you know anything about the privacy of the two spots? Is the heart shaped rock more seclusive? We arrive at 0700 in the morning and leave 1700 in the afternoon.

    Any tips would be much appriciated!


  10. Michael says:

    Completely forgot about this webpage!

    I got engaged to my fiancee at this Church this day, last summer.

    Santorini is a fantastic place to propose, it’s quite busy though so if your a bit nervous like me the church was perfect as not many people make the trek up to it.

    The view really is second to none and despite me rushing my words a bit, she was completely stunned too. Actually Im not sure she’s actually said yes yet! After I proposed I rushed her down to Oia to a 5* roof top restaurant for sunset (book well in advance!)

    The greek people are very friendly and some of the hotel staff helped me organise the restaurant and even gave me directions to this place. The next day they had prepared a special breakfast for us and everything (Anatoli Hotel Fira)

    • Chrissy says:

      That is great!! I am so happy you loved the spot and it all worked out for you. Thank you for coming back and sharing your story!! Congratulations!!!

  11. Antonio says:

    Both of the locations look amazing! Im going to Santorini next week and I think I found the right spot! Michael, Chrissy, or anyone who have been to the church above, could you provide additional directions on how to get to the church, maybe a close by pin? I will appreciate it a lot. Will share my story for sure. Thanks in advance!

  12. Nathalie says:

    i’m staying at the marybill hotel and i would love to have a precise map of how to get to the heart shaped rock . is it possible?

    • Chrissy says:

      When you get to town, ask how to get to the hotel called Artemis Suites Caldera. You can Google it and find its location. You have to enter into their driveway to get to the heart shaped rock. This is the best way for me to tell you how to get there. Follow the instruction I have listed. You will do great!

  13. Scott says:

    Hi Chrissy,

    Thanks for the fantastic blog. I will be travelling to Santorini at the end of July and am planning on proposing to my girlfriend on the trip. I would love to do it at the Agios Nikolaos Chapel. I’m not sure if others have asked this but is it a secluded spot? Will there be other people/tourists there? It would be nice to find a more intimate spot.

    Any advice or ideas you have as to make it extra special would be great.


  14. Chris says:

    Hi there. Can you perhaps provide a better quality map to the chapel of Agios Nikolaos? I cant find it on the map.


  15. Matt says:


    Great article that I’m sure has created quite a few memories for couples.

    Is there a name for the church at at the highest point of the caldera in Oia? I am trying to plan my proposal but since this is my first trip to Greece, I’m having a hard time identifying how to get there from your directions. I’m not exactly sure what to search for online to help me out.

  16. Robert says:

    Hi Chrissie,

    Thanks for a great post! I’m very keen to propose at the church, but am having a very hard time finding it (or the route to take) on google maps. I cannot find where the Perivolas Market is (I can see a Perivolas Hotel?), or the carpark, etc.

    Would it be possible for you to mark the church on a screenshot of google maps? Or drop a marker at the closest possible location? After reading your amazing post I had my heart set on this location and I’m really worried I won’t be able to find it!

    Thanks so much!


  17. Robert says:

    For those struggling to find the church near Oia, I think this is it here:,25.3748821/36.4639368,25.4071684/@36.4632062,25.4055585,351m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e2

    If the link is not working:
    1) Go to google maps and type in Finikia

    2) In the bottom right hand corner of the screen you should see a church marked “Ekklisia Profitis Ilias” (directly below Panorama Apartments) – I BELIEVE THIS IT THE ‘1ST CHURCH’ THAT CHRISSIE MENTIONED WHICH YOU SHOULD KEEP WALKING PAST.

    3) The church Chrissie describes in the post is about 1km East North East from Ekklisia Profitis Ilias. On google maps you should see a path that goes East from Ekklisia Profitis Ilias. About 500m along it is a building labelled “The Architect’s Villas Santorini”. If you continue East another 500m, you should see a second pathway shaped like a squiggly “M”, about 20 meters above the original pathway. The church is on the western tip of this “M”.

    4) Here is a screenshot from google maps at that location, which matches the photo in Chrissie’s post (you can see the location the photo was taken in the bottom left hand corner of the screen):,25.406705,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1s41732965!2e1!3e10!!7i4000!8i3000

    Source of photo:

    Hope this helps!


  18. engaged_man says:

    Hey guys!
    I just wanted to say thanks for the great tips in finding Agios Nikolaos church, I can now report on how it went for me as an engaged man. 🙂

    Like pretty much everyone on here, I was terrified of not being able to find the place. I had thoughts of sneaking away and doing a dry run, but no such luck. And trust me there is no need to do it – the place is quite easy to find.
    There was no trouble finding the Agios Nikolaos – if you can find Artemis Suites then you can find the church – and you can easily find Artemis Suites on Google Maps. There is a little parking place for your scooter or quad and you can safely leave it there (someone made a photo sphere at that place ) You can follow the walk instructions here as well and here .

    I wanted to propose by the Agios Nikolaos church, and as we walk down during the sunset I hear “whale noises” – I look closer and see a whole group pregnant ladies doing sunset baby yoga right by the church 
    Plan B was to propose at the heart, which turned out really well! There are virtually no tourists there, but we were lucky to get someone who could take a picture of us!

    I took a photo sphere of the place , so you can also see exactly where the church is on the map.

    We also walked to the church on one of the hills mentioned in the article. You can see my photosphere from there as well

    The path is well known and the church is along the way from Oia to Thira. You can see the marking on google maps, so it’s difficult to get lost, you just need to follow the path 🙂

    If you have any questions you can drop me a line!

    Best of luck!

  19. J says:

    Thanks for this wonderful blog entry. She said “yes” at the peak of the mountain (next to the church)!

    We came from Thira, which means we didn’t see much of the sunset until we arrived at the peak. I completely underestimated how long it’d take us to get there, but it was a fun hike.

    I didn’t have access to a desktop computer when I was planning the hike, and I couldn’t figure out how to copy the GPS coordinates from Robert’s links (the comment right above this one). According to my iPhone, the church is exactly at:
    36.4622783, 25.4036367. (If you copy these coordinates into the Google Maps search box, you can see the church in satellite view.) Maybe this will be helpful for the next idiot whose last-minute planning is limited to their phone 😉

    We had a little celebratory dinner in the restaurant of the Finikia Memories Hotel afterwards, right next to where the hiking path meets the main road from Thira to Oía, and it was absolutely delicious.

    Again, thank you for the suggestion!

  20. NJ says:

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to this page (including Chrissy, of course!). I have just returned from Santorini with a fiancee in tow thanks to the hints and tips on here! I proposed next to the heart overlooking the chapel and it was the most perfect, deserted location – just the two of us and letting the Santorini sunset work its magic!

    I made my fiancee take a photo of me looking out into the sunset, and then suggested that she do the same. But instead of taking a photo I took the ring from my pocket and went down on one knee. I then said “done” and as she turned around there I was!

    Thank you for the suggestion – it worked wonders!

    • P. B. says:

      NJ, That’s an awesome idea!

      I’m headed to Santorini in a few months and was just looking around for ideas on how to propose to my girlfriend as well! These two locations look like the perfect spot to pop the question. I will be spending my next month looking into this!

  21. Terry says:

    I just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU!

    I took my girlfriend there last year.
    24th August 2016.

    And proposed. She said.. YES!

    It suited us perfectly as opposed to a fancy dinner as we don’t like public shows but its was special because it felt like our moment. OUR place.

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