Restaurant Review- Alcazar- An Oasis in the San Fernando Valley

Alcazar could possibly be my all-time favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. Maybe anywhere! I have been going to Alcazar for close to 12 years since its opening in 2000.

It was my first introduction to traditional Lebanese food and fast became my favorite cuisine. I was introduced to dishes I had never known before like, Kbbi Nayye which is a blend of raw meat mixed with cracked wheat, spices, olive oil and pine nuts then scooped up with raw onions.

Kbbi Nayye $8.95

Cheese boereg which is thin flour dough stuffed with a combination of cheeses then fried to golden perfection.

Cheese Boereg $6.95

And the Lebanese salad consisting of chopped romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, bell pepper and radish with fresh lemon and olive oil dressing. The dressing is what does it on this salad. It is quite possibly the most addictive dressing I have ever had.

Lebanese salad $7.95

I was able to visit Alcazar this past December while on a trip to Los Angeles and had the pleasure of trying an array of other dishes that I had never tried before.

Here are some of my favorite mezzas I tried:

Hummus with lamb bits $9.50


Muhammara- Crushed walnuts mixed with red pepper paste, pomegranate sauce and spices $7.95


Warak Enab- grape leaves stuffed with rice, vegetables and spices $7.50

Makdoos- Aged small eggplants stuffed with walnuts, garlic, cilantro, chili and olive oil $7.50

For dessert we were treated to two specialties:

Mhellebiyyeh- rice flour and milk pudding topped with sugar syrup, crushed pistachio & almonds $4.95

Halawat El Jiben- Cheese and semolina dough filled ashta, topped with sugar syrup $5.95




17239 Ventura Blvd.

Encino, CA 91316



When: Lunch and Dinner

Open Tue- Thur 11:30- 10:00

Fri, Sat- 11:30am- 2am

Sun 12pm-9pm


Cost: around $20 a person

And if you want to attempt to prepare Lebanese food at home, this is a great cookbook to get started: Lebanese Cuisine: More than 200 Simple, Delicious, Authentic Recipes


Disclaimer: There was no exchange of food for review nor was there any promise of sponsorship for press. It was solely by my discretion that I wrote this review.

3 Responses to “Restaurant Review- Alcazar- An Oasis in the San Fernando Valley”
  1. Abou Sikh says:

    We are in NY, but every time we patronize Al Cazar, it was nothing but great experience! The food, the sevice, the owner, the one and only Vatche, was makes it even better experience! Prices are reasonable. I highly recommend it.

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