Sex In The Cities- What Happens When A Single Girl Travels The World Alone?

So many have asked, but only a few have been given the details of my scandalous and sexy adventures around the world. After one year of deliberating and questioning whether or not it was a good idea to open the treasure chest, I have decided to un-cuff the backbiting details of  some “incidences” that have happened along the way.

I am ready to tip-toe into the shocking and unleash the unexpected. There will be times that I am uninhibited in telling you all of what happened, but there will be times that I will need to change names or possibly places in an effort to protect the ones I am talking about. I am still friends with all (cough)…most of the men I have been involved with over the past two years and wouldn’t want to impede on anyone’s privacy or reputation. BUT, I will do my best to give you the blow-by-blow (pun intended). There won’t be any pics, just an old-fashioned sex and relationship column with fingers on the keyboard. It will be a compilation of short stories telling a solo traveler’s tantalizing tales.

AND……PLEASE……comment along the way! Start a discussion. I want to know exactly what you think!


The first post will be coming very soon!!



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