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Beauty Secrets From Morocco- Kohl Eyeliner

The Moroccan women are known for their exotic beauty. Deep, dark skin and mysterious dark eyes to match. Their beauty secret in developing this charcoal look to their eyes dates back centuries and has been passed on to the current young girls of today. Traditionally, Kohl was used for its therapeutic properties. It was believed to protect against eye disease and help control the glare of the sun in the desert.

 If you visit Morocco, you will certainly visit the markets or souks where you will come across small vials. Some made of wood, brass and some of plastic. Each having a small stick placed inside. The Kohl comes in powder form to be placed in the vials.

Kohl eyeliner

This is a traditional container for kohl eyeliner

To apply, you would take the small stick out of the vial and place it in your mouth to slightly wet it. Place it in the black powder then carefully hold it between your upper and lower lid while pulling it across your eye creating a dark line of eyeliner.

It creates a very smoky and exotic look for these women, although, when I tried to create it, I realized there must be a certain touch you must have and lots of practice because my eyes turned into a hot mess instead of the mysterious sultry look I was aiming for. It is definitely something I need to work on.

Although, the use of Kohl eyeliner has been used in the Middle East, North African and Indian cultures for thousands of years B.C., it has been shown that many of the Kohl products have been tested and found to have high levels of lead. Makes sense since it is often made from grinding galena (lead sulfide).

It made for a nice souvenir to take home, but I think I will stick with my Mac Eye Kohl Eyeliner Smolder.

Name: Kohl eyeliner

Cost: $1- $3

Where to buy: Souks of Morocco, can also be found in many ethnic stores in the US catering to immigrant Asian, Middle Eastern and African communities and various online venues- google ‘Kohl eyeliner’


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