Sex In The Cities- Zee Man With Pens is Watching

Sex In The Cities is a compilation of dating stories. They tell the stories of what happens to a single girl when she travels the world alone. I, Chrissy, am that single girl and this is one story of what happened to me…….

I was leaving St. Barths and had a couple of hours to kill, no transportation to get me anywhere far and a curiosity to see a beach I hadn’t seen yet. I was in the main town of Gustavia and noticed on the map that there was a beach within walking distance that had a cute little lunch spot called ‘Do Brazil’. I heard they had somewhat of a crowd on Sundays, as much of a crowd as you can expect in late May. Perfect!

I threw on my most comfy pink maxi dress, grabbed my best beach read and walked through the vacant streets of Gustavia to the beach cove called Shell Beach, a name given to it since the sand was made up of sharp and broken shells. ‘Do Brazil’ was a sexy little beach side restaurant securing the only open venue for blocks. It held a nice crowd, not full, but somewhat filled.

I only had two hours to spare before catching my ferry back to St. Maarten so I didn’t want to invest in a chair nor did I really want to embed myself next to any of the patrons. I picked a quiet corner of the beach and a bed of rocks to set my things. I didn’t have a towel, so I placed my maxi dress down and used it to guard my Brazilian bikini’d butt.

I took a dip in the ocean, came back to my rock and began to settle in with my book. I wasn’t paying much attention to my surroundings, but I did notice a pair of girls somewhere in the age range of 30-35 walk past me and secure a rock far to my right in the farthest corner. They were fully clothed and seemed to be just relaxing. Not thinking anything of it or them, I continued to read. There was a group of young couples to my left. There was one girl in the group bathing topless as were the majority of the girls on the beach. Most of them French or European with long lanky natural bodies, tanned and beautiful, but all were either behind me away from the rocks or clear at the other end of the bay.

As liberal as I am in some matters, this is one I still find myself fairly conservative. Baring the corners of my butt in a brazilian bikini is as far as I go, even when in Rome.

I was propped up on the rock in a comfortable position since the hard corners of the shell beach would certainly give a good pinch to my behind. I read a chapter or two with the sun beating down hard. I took a break to take another dip. Feeling self-conscience about the little weight I had gained the past couple of weeks and the bloating I was feeling from my impending period, I sucked in my tummy a little tighter and willed the water to cover all of my insecurities before any of the other beach patrons had time to make judgment of my jiggles.

The current had a little force in this bay making me work for the depth I wanted to keep. As soon as I would get far enough out to tread a while, the current would bring me back in. The water and I danced this way back and forth in a gentle and teasing manner. It was while I was winning the battle and had gained some depth that I saw the two girls that were sitting on the rocks walking towards the water and motioning for me, “Lady”, they called to me waving their hands. I must have looked confused. I was the only one in the water, “Yes?” I yelled back.

“Lady, come here.” They spoke in a French accent. They were both now motioning for me to come in. One looked serious, the other had a smile on her face. Oh God, I thought, did I start my period and they wanted to inform me before I got out of the water? How embarrassing!

“Yes”, I replied as I came cautiously closer. I didn’t want to get up out of the water if that was the case, so I stayed crouched down even though I was in shallow water.

“Um…excuse me,” she began with a thick French accent, “I don’t know how to say, but zee man.” She pointed over to the rocks near where they were seated. “Zee man on zee rocks,” she smiled and motioned to her groin area with her hands. “He is …how do I say? You know his pens”. I was so confused at this point, but the motioning she was doing to her groin area made me think my fears were realized. I must have started my period and maybe the man noticed and told them to tell me?

“Oh, I don’t understand?”, I complained. I started to feel self-conscience that my instincts were right. I used my hands to cover my bottom half. I must be a mess. The second of the girls was still on shore. She ran back to my things and grabbed my cover up I had lying by my bag. She held it up in the air and walked briskly towards me. She was urgently giving me something to cover myself up with as I got out of the water. Oh, this is horrible, but I was so thankful they were keeping a watch over me.

I saw the urgency in both of them to relay this message to me, so I tried to help them with the language. Pleading to them, “Oh no! Did I start my period?”

She laughed, “No, no, no! Zee man over there on zee rocks. He watch you and he takes his pens out and watches you. We see him take his pens out and starts to play and watch you.”

I sucked in a lung full of air at the realization of what she finally was able to convey. My jaw dropped and I let out a gasp of horror. She knew immediately by my reaction that I completely understood. I grabbed my cover up from the second girl and looked past the first girl over her shoulder and saw a man, crouched down in between two large boulders, hiding, looking in our direction with his hands near his ‘pens’. Perplexed at the audacity I asked, “He did?”

“Yes. We were sitting on zee rocks and we see him watch you and take his pens out.”

“Oh no! Thank you! Thank you! Oh my God!” I quickly took the cover up and threw it over my head, thanked the girls again and walked briskly to the rocks to gather my things. They walked with me for a short distance before they were joined by the couples that were sitting near. They began to explain to them in French what had just happened. I continued on my way and headed over to the other end of the beach where it was a bit more populated. I didn’t stay much longer and I didn’t see the peeping pens again.

As creepy and disturbing as it was, I have to admit, it helped with the insecurities. The thought ran through my mind, ‘Maybe I didn’t look as bad as I thought’.



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  1. Laura Parks-Kremer says:

    Love It! Keep them coming!
    I truly love following your travels and adventures!

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