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New York- I’m In A ‘Finding A Job’ State of Mind

It was time, I was afraid, to find a job. My long journey around the world just may be coming to an end right here in New York. And no better place for it to end then in the exact place I had aspired to move to a year and a half ago, before I made the last-minute decision to run away and tour the world.

I booked two months in New York in Greenwich Village with the goal of re-entering the work force. I wasn’t sure of how easy that was going to be since I had been applying to numerous jobs online for the past 6 months without any luck in securing even one interview. It was time to bring out the big guns and get in people’s faces.

But what would I be happy doing after such an incredible year and a half around the world? My ideals have changed, my life experiences have changed and I am certainly 100% smarter and richer in the knowledge I would have to contribute to any work project.

The tough question I faced was where would I best fit if I entered back into the ‘system’? Having found myself again and having felt I finally shed so much of the angst I carried with me from my 15 years in Los Angeles, I tried to keep an open mind and an open heart in the options I had.

With all of the writing I have been doing, publishing was an option. And with my background in broadcasting, that was certainly the top choice with travel mags and travel shows high on the list. After two months of scouring the job openings and re-connecting with former colleagues, I started to feel I was close. Very close to having the right door open when suddenly…….. I had an offer. An offer to continue to travel. I was offered a full month on a Caribbean island to celebrate by birthday. I couldn’t resist the enticing direction it might lead me this time. Hmmm… should I stay, or should I go?

I was lucky while I was in New York. I booked the two mildest Winter months in recent history. Not a single day of snow in February or March and a wild burst of Spring came early in the season. I thought it was New York’s way of greeting me and putting on its best dance to try to win me over. And win me over it did. I absolutely adore New York with all of its charm and character, grittiness and abundance of distractions. New York is a foodie’s paradise. You could eat at a different restaurant everyday and not repeat for 12 years!

Springtime in NY

Springtime came early this year

But with every pro there is a con. I hate the living conditions there. There is an old saying that says, ‘To live in New York, you either have to be either young or rich.’ I am neither.

It’s something I would have to weigh with my decision to stay or go. Unless I secured a high income position, I might be unhappy living in the dormitory, closet like space I could afford.

I decided to put the job hunt on hold for the moment, take the Caribbean offer and see where it might lead. I could always come back to New York and pick up where I left off. The decision of going back to work didn’t have to be made right away. I’m sure the Caribbean will serve as fertile ground to decide.

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