Sex In The Cities- Let’s Just Call Him Bakchos……

Sex In The Cities is a compilation of dating stories. They tell the stories of what happens to a single girl when she travels the world alone. I, Chrissy, am that single girl and this is one story of what happened to me…….

Bakchos- the Greek name derived from the word iacho, meaning “to shout,” i.e. “noisy, riotous.” In mythology, this is a name applied to Dionysos, a god of revelry and the intoxicating power of wine.

I was introduced to Bakchos via a mutual friend of mine who was trying to help me find a job while I was traveling through Greece. She thought Bakchos would be a good person to help since he has a say in who is hired on the boats he works. I had been in Mykonos for two months already and loved it so much, I thought if I could pay my way, I could stay longer. It was now the end of the Mykonos season and I would have to secure something soon. Mykonos was beginning to resemble a ghost town.

Bakchos was a yacht captain. He spent the majority of his days and nights sailing through the Greek isles during high season. When I say yacht, not the typical fantasy-laden yacht with a helicopter pad on top and a speedboat for a dingy. When I say captain, not the stout dapper man properly dressed in a tailored white suit embellished with stars and stripes. Bakchos sailed on a fifty foot catamaran with one other crew member. He dressed in tattered jeans, gypsy beads around both his neck and wrists, a knit beanie on his head and a weeks worth of stubble that led into a long goatee. He rolled his own cigarettes and didn’t let time waste in between rolls. In the US, we might stereotype him as a ‘biker’. If you know me, then you know, this is not my type.

On this particular night, the night that I happened to contact him on Facebook, he was on a long 16-hour sail from Santorini to Mykonos. He responded almost immediately and was ironically due to arrive only a few hours after my initial contact. We agreed to meet in town for a drink. I thought this was perfect! How lucky was I that as soon as I contact him, I get to meet him. Maybe a job would happen that quickly as well. Off to a good start!

We met in the Little Venice area of town. Bakchos had his boss in tow to celebrate his boss’ birthday. We chatted for about five minutes when I brought up the subject of needing a job. They both dismissed the idea and said we would talk about it tomorrow, because right now it was time to do a shot for the big guy’s birthday.

Being a good sport, I obliged. I guess this was not going to be as easy as I thought. We stopped at a spot in town to grab some food and I quickly evaluated the energy from the table. These men were like two sailors out to sea for weeks and I was the first girl they saw as soon as they hit dry land. They were like dogs in heat. They were high-strung, boisterous and down right mischievous. The drinks started flowing and as soon as dinner came to an end they hightailed it to the only dance club open this late in the season- Jackie O’s, the hottest gay bar in town.

I played along and really tried to be a good sport. My thoughts of having a civilized casual low-key meeting were abruptly interrupted and I had to find a way to employ all of my acting skills to pretend I was having a good time. The shots were coming faster and so did my creativity in dumping them when they weren’t looking. The bar was packed to the brim. Packed with men. I had no room to move except up against the bar, hands in the air and a smile plastically placed on my face and an obligatory dance from one foot to the other.

Bakchos and his boss were rowdy. They grew even rowdier when another man tried to take a sliver of our space. It brewed some sort of testosterone bomb between Bakchos, his boss and the gay patron. Their chests puffed up and their eyes spewed fire. I think I even heard one of them grunt at the poor gay fellow.

I had never seen two men jump and dance this hard in my life. They were full of fuel and brimming with adrenaline. As I was backed up against the bar and helpless in any defense, Bakchos was now in my face, staring intently at me while dancing harder. His body was up against mine. I had nowhere to escape to. Is this what I’m going to have to put up with if I got this job? I would be working on a boat out at sea with this man? Alone, just me and him on a boat?

All I could think of was getting out of there. I was looking for any sign of an escape route. How was I going to cut the energy and tell them I had to leave? I didn’t feel they were going to let me go that easily. They were in a room full of men. I was the only girl around. They’re both in heat. They’re not going to let me escape.

I made it through what I thought to be an ample amount of time when I said ‘Happy Birthday’ to the boss and told him I had to get going. I then said my goodbyes to Bakchos. Without hesitation, he grabbed my arm and led me out the door. “Where are you going?” I asked.

He directed me, “Come on. We’re leaving.”

Nervously, I tried to negotiate, “No. It’s OK. Stay with your boss. It’s his birthday. I’ll be fine.” Please stay with your boss!

“No. I’m leaving. I’ll walk with you.” Oh, how did I know this wasn’t going to be easy?

Mykonos was pretty much empty this time of year let alone this time of night. The streets were desolate and the winds were kicking up with fierce. The center of town is coiled with narrow, nameless streets weaving in all directions burrowed between white-painted buildings and paved with stones outlined in the same white paint. Every shop was closed and an eeriness swept through the now dim-lit paths. I have been up and down these streets a hundred times since I arrived in Mykonos and I still get lost amongst them even with my stellar sense of direction.

Bakchos was guiding me through streets I didn’t recognize. It all looked different late at night and without the shops lighting and signs to guide me. All I could hear was the sound of the wind whipping around corners and trailing up the sides of the buildings. I was mostly quiet along the walk trying to make sense of where I was. I was trying to gauge what his next move was going to be and where he was leading me.

We made a turn down an even narrower street, deeper into the center of a maze. There weren’t any lights on this street. Just a dim reflection from a path up ahead. And without warning, without even a moment to act in defense, he grabbed me tight around my waist with both of his arms rendering my arms useless and forced himself on me. With an enormous amount of pressure, with all of the energy he was percolating with in the bar, he forced his mouth on mine holding me in an aggressive grip.

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t push him off of me. My arms were trapped and my mouth was gagged. Gagged with his mouth trying to force his tongue onto mine. His grip was too strong, I couldn’t wriggle free. I couldn’t speak. All I could muster was a gargle, a sound coming from deep in my gut. I couldn’t put together any words, just grunts and groans of disapproval.

I was scared. As much as I wriggled, I couldn’t break free from him. I couldn’t even get the word, “No” to come out clearly. It just sounded like a humming sound high in my head. I’ve never been so overcome by fear and force, a force I couldn’t control.
He wasn’t letting up. His grip was stronger than anything I had experienced before. By now, he had his whole body forced on mine. His head, his face, his arms, his legs. If I opened my mouth to yell, he would find his way in and I wasn’t sure if I would have been able to get him out.

I continued to wriggle and grunt. I don’t know how or when it happened, but after what seemed like an eternity, I broke free. I don’t know if he allowed me free or if I won the struggle. As soon as I felt my arms loose, I pushed him as hard as I could, “What in the hell are you doing? My God, are you insane?”

He just smiled, “What? Daxi, daxi!” (the Greek word for ‘OK- all good’). Oh, it was not all good. I was furious with him. Who did he think he was? You don’t force yourself on someone like that…. and in a dark alley?

I tried to be as nice as I could be as to not piss him off. Mind you, I didn’t know him at all and we were still in a dark, deserted part of town. I wanted to be cordial and get myself out of there quickly.

I said with a calmer voice, “Listen, you’re too aggressive. You need to settle down. It’s too much.” With that we kept walking. I finally found my way back to where I parked my vehicle. I was happy to say goodbye and happy to be driving home alone.



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