Health Secrets From Sint Maarten- Desiree Winkel’s Dutch Deal Delivers

Since returning to the States last December after a year and a half on the road, I committed to getting myself back in shape and shedding the weight I gained during my travels. I achieved my goal thanks to Brian Wiefering’s Wiefit (see Brian Wiefering’s Wiefit- Where Fitness Is A Family Affair). Now that I’m back on the road, I started to see the same bad habits form of not working out and slacking on my diet.

I had one month booked in St Martin and I refused to let the road reverse all of the hard work I had put in the past six months. I tried the hotel gym, but soon realized that I couldn’t kick my ass as hard as someone else could. I needed a class or a trainer to do the job. It took me two weeks of searching the Dutch side of the island for a fitness class I could settle in with.

I tried Marcy’s gym in Simpson Bay- thumbs down. The gym is not air-conditioned and the equipment looks rough, possibly due to the open air setting and the salt-air hitting the equipment. Her classes weren’t any that I desired to try.

I called the Bel-Air fitness club where they informed me over the phone that one single class would run me $60! As spoken best by Whitney Houston, ‘Hell-to-the-NO’! I am not paying that much for one hour of fitness. I didn’t even bother to look at their facility.

I tried the gym at the Royal Palm Resort in Simpson Bay. I was told there was a trainer there that held fitness classes on the beach in the mornings and at the gym in the evenings. I signed up for the evening classes due to my inability to commit to anything before 10 am. I was required to pay the monthly due to join the gym of $45 which I found fair. Then, to take the class there was an additional fee of $10. Very fair! I’m in!

Now, would the class give me the ass-whooping I needed?

The trainer, Desiree Winkel, is a Holland born former body builder with 8 years professional experience and the demeanor of a drill sergeant. She is a former ‘Miss Body Fitness/Shape Curacao’ and placed number 1 in the St. Martin competition for figure and bodybuilding. The classes I attended were group personal training classes….and they got the job done. My ass was thoroughly kicked!

Desiree Winkel

Desiree Winkel

Desiree also holds group fitness classes called Insanity (I’m scared) and Beach Body Boot Camp on Kimsha Beach. Start times are 5:30, 6:00 and 7:30am depending on the day. Her prices are the only thing I’m not scared of with a week’s worth of fitness running $30, 2 weeks at $60 and a month package of 12 classes running $90. It really is the best deal to keep fit on the Dutch side.

Beach Body Work Out

Beach Body Work Out

Desiree will soon be moving her in-gym classes to her own studio location on August 20th, 2012. Classes there will run $12 and personal training will go from $20 on up. There will be no gym fee as there was at the Royal Palm Resorts. It just keeps getting better!



Fitness Instructor Desiree Winkel


Simpson Bay Wellfare Road

Above Fountain of Health

Sint Maarten (Dutch side)


$12 per fitness class

$20 and up for personal training


Desiree Winkel on Facebook


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4 Responses to “Health Secrets From Sint Maarten- Desiree Winkel’s Dutch Deal Delivers”
  1. Thomas says:

    This looks like a fake testimonial. I think the trainer wrote it herself.

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