Sex In The Cities- Seduction Ride On Santorini- Part 1

Sex In The Cities is a compilation of dating stories. They tell the stories of what happens to a single girl when she travels the world alone. I, Chrissy, am that single girl and this is one story of what happened to me…….

It rained the mid- October day I took the ferry from Paros, Greece to Santorini. We pulled into the port as the rain subsided for just enough time to get me dryly to shore. The hotel picked me up and brought me to the center of Fira where I had two nights booked.

I didn’t do much the first few hours I was there but walk around town. I had to find some jeans since I had packed only summer dresses thinking it would be warm all year. I was dolefully wrong. The rain made things feel like winter and it was only warm when the sun was out. At night it was full fall weather.

The small town of Fira had everything I could want, shops, restaurants, the bus stop and just a few steps away was the famous caldera with its breathtaking views. I had planned to rent an ATV the next day and take a tour of the island to get my bearings before deciding if Fira was the place I wanted to settle in for the remainder of my time there.

I had a late start the next day picking up the ATV. The hotel manager handed me a piece of paper with a referral to a place just down the road. I walked down the block only stopping at the main intersection in front of a sunglass store for a moment to verify my directions. I continued down the road, took a right turn down a small alley and approached the ATV rental store. I inquired to the owner about renting an ATV for two days and what the cost would be. The owner advised me to go into the next room and pick out a helmet. While I was walking back into the rental office, I noticed a man standing outside the front entrance in conversation with another man. Just as I noticed him, he turned back and looked directly at me. He was noticing me as well, I could tell. Even from the distance I stood, I could see his unbelievably clear, translucent blue eyes watching me with interest. He was a tall man with a shaved head standing in motorcycle gear holding a helmet in one hand. And those damn eyes. I could see them a mile away. They could have lit a dim path.

I turned back to the owner still frozen from the glance and continued our discussion about the rental. Just then, the man with the blue eyes came into the rental office and sat down. As he sat, he spoke to the owner in Greek. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but they seemed to be in agreeance. He stayed seated, quiet, observing all the while the owner and I negotiated our dealings. The owner proceeded to discuss my rental contract telling me the price of the rental would be fifteen euro a day.

Surprised the price was a bit more than the hotel had promised, I questioned, “Really? The hotel said I might be able to rent it for ten euros a day.”

He bent, “No. That’s for two wheels. Fifteen is for four wheels. Do you want two wheels?” referring to the scooters he had available.

Frustrated knowing I was unable to drive one I added, “Actually, yes, but I‘ve never driven one. No one will rent one to me or take the time to teach me.”

He agreed, “Yes, it is very dangerous for you if you have never driven one.”

Blue eyes chimed in still sitting stoically, “Yes, Santorini is not the place to learn how to ride a scooter.”

Pleasingly noticing blue eyes injecting himself into the conversation, I turned to his direction and added, “Every place I go, I hear the same thing, ‘This is not the place to learn. You can’t do it.’ I am so tired of people putting limitations on me.” They both laughed at my defiance.

While finishing the contract and noticing my name on my driver’s license, the owner questioned, “Your name, Christine? You’re Greek?”

“No. I keep hearing that, though. I guess my name is Greek. I never knew that until I came here.”

Blue eyes added, “You know if you tell them you are Greek, you would get a better deal. Always say ‘yes’ if they ask if you are Greek.”

I waited a few beats and thought about that statement. I watched as the owner was finishing my contract and thoughtfully inserted with a smile aspiring for a better price, “I am Greek! I just didn’t want anyone to know earlier.” A cackle resonated from both men.

The owner handed me my license, stood up, gave a knowing glance at blue eyes and added, “Ok, he is going to show you your ATV and how to start it. If you need anything, if it breaks down, then you can call me, but only up until 7:00 pm. We close after that.”

I was surprised. I didn’t know blue eyes worked for the company. I thought he was a customer waiting his turn. Worried about a possible break-down after hours I asked, “So if I break down in Parissa after 7:00, I guess I’m shit out of luck?”

Blue eyes chimed in, “No. You can call me after hours.” He walked over to hand me a business card he picked up from the owners desk and wrote his name on it, “Shawn. My name is Shawn. Here is my number. I can help you after hours.” Great! The day is getting better. I would be happy to have Shawn available after hours if I needed him to help me with a broken-down ATV.

We walked over to the ATV as he instructed me to get on. He confidently and slowly began to show me the controls on the handles. He straddled the front of the ATV, leaned in and began, “This is the break……” he grabbed the left handle and gave it a pinch. The blue of his eyes catching me in a stare and making sure I was paying attention. “…. and this is gas.” he pulled on the right handle to simulate a start as the proximity of his body was noticeably stout. He leaned in over the handles with his height hovering over me. His slicing blue eyes successfully transfixing this question in my head, ” You’ve ridden one of these before?”

I couldn’t help but smile. The flirt was obvious as I felt a sense of confidence come over me. My eyes convicted into his, “Yes, everyday for the past couple of months.”

He gazed back not straying from the task and challenged, “Ok, then, show me how you would start it.” I could see the corners of his mouth peel slightly up.

Eager to show him I knew what I was doing, I pulled on the left handle break, pushed the start button and gave a little gas on the right handle.” It started perfectly.

He continued, “OK, great. Now be careful on the turns. You have to turn with the bike. They are a bit unstable, so slow down on the turns, don’t go too fast.”

Returning to reality and gauging my path out of the lot, I assuredly offered, “Oh, I’m aware. I’ve been riding them for a while. I’m a good driver.”

Not convinced, he moved back from the ATV and said, “Yes, well I hear that all the time and then I get a call late at night for help.”

Shaking off the pheromones I ended, “OK, I think I’ve got it. Thank you.” I smiled a grateful smile and drove off leaving him standing in the lot alone. I was on my way for my first day exploring the beautiful and romantic island of Santorini.

I was only a block and a half down the road when a man on a bike fastly approached to my right. It was Shawn. He pulled up to me on his motor bike and made an attempt at getting my attention. He hollered over the sounds of our engines, “I couldn’t talk in front of my boss.”

Surprised at his appearance and taken off guard, I thought I understood, but didn’t catch exactly what he said, “What?” I yelled back.

While gauging the road ahead and trying to keep pace with me, he made another attempt, “I couldn’t…”, he paused and pointed to the curb, “……..pull over.” motioning for me to pull onto the curb. I happily obliged and was giddy with the notion that he chased me down. I pulled off the road and parked the ATV next to his scooter.

He stayed seated on his bike and repeated, “I said, I couldn’t talk to you in front of my boss. But would you like to go for a coffee?”

Feeling even more impulsive and certain of my desire, I didn’t hesitate for a second, “Yes, I would!”

He smiled an air of confidence and inserted, “So, your bike or mine?”

I knew exactly what that answer was, “Yours!”

“OK, then park yours over here and hop on.” I parked and jumped off the ATV with lightening speed, grabbed the keys from the ignition and began the climb on his bike. He waited patiently with reserve as I negotiated the back of his bike and rendered my leg over the chassis. His head turned back observing my mount with his hands firmly on the handles. He gave it a rev, “Are you on? You ready?”

I was on, I was smiling and I was ready.


To be continued……..


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3 Responses to “Sex In The Cities- Seduction Ride On Santorini- Part 1”
  1. “…as I negotiated the back of his bike and rendered my leg over the chassis.”

    You’ve got me hooked, tell me more! 🙂

  2. Haha!!! More to come…..

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