I Have Naysayers? ‘Chrissy Travels’ Disclaimer And Rules Of Engagement

Chrissy Travels Disclaimer:

I started this blog almost two years ago as a hobby for my friends and my family to follow as I embarked on my journey around the world. Prior to leaving my fifteen year stay in Los Angeles, I had an enormous amount of stress, sorrow, life disappointment and heartache. The escape was for reasons to help heal the wounds that threatened to rip away any possibility of happiness in my life.

The story telling and writing on my solo journey served as a way for me to connect to those who cared about me and to give a creative release while on the road alone. The stories I tell are real stories of what happened to me along the way colored with my thoughts and feelings.

There will never be a time on this website that I tell a story that did not happen to me or was fabricated in falsities. I use my creative vein to tell the story as I perceive it to be. There will be times that I change names, omit facts and annoyances in an effort to protect those that do not wish to be written about. I am fully aware that by starting this blog and sharing my stories with the general public, I am giving up a certain level of privacy, but I have always respected the privacy of those that have innocently become involved with me and the stories I write.

It has been brought to my attention recently that the audience I write for has changed and has gone beyond my family and friends. I am writing this disclaimer for this audience that does not know me and therefore have formed opinions about the integrity of my stories.

Since August 2010 and the beginning of this blog, I have visited 27 countries. I have traveled for almost two years without a home, without a car and without a definite plan of where I will lay my head next. I have paid for every airfare, train ride, boat trip, hotel stay and incidental charge I have booked along the way. There have been times that I have been offered a sofa to sleep on, a guest room, a free meal, a place to relax for the day and even a place to stay for extended periods of time. All of these offerings came from the generosity of friends, acquaintances and down-right good people.

To date, I have made $4.43 from ads placed on this site. Until last weekend (June 16-18, 2012) while attending the TBEX show in Colorado, I have not had any sponsors offering me free things in exchange for writing an article. I do not have the habit of advertising to people along my journey that I am a travel writer. I travel for the joy of it and write about the stories that have happened along the way.

This is not to say that I am opposed to making a living. I want to make a living so that I can continue the journey I am on that has saved my soul from life defeat. One month ago, I added the ‘Advertising Page’ to this site to announce to sponsors and advertisers that I am open to the discussion of sponsored writing. So far, since that posting, I have received one inquiry from a potential sponsor inquiring about a partnership. As of this writing, we have not negotiated a contract or agreement.

From this day forward, you will see disclaimers at the bottom of the posts I feel it necessary to include regarding wether or not the post was sponsored or not. There will also be a disclaimer of my relationship with the subject of the post if needed.

Gone are my days of working in a newsroom with a staff of 40 editing and fact checking my scripts. I wish I had help along the way creating and publishing the perfect website. It is daunting to be a perfectionist and have mistakes slip through the cracks. For this reason, I want to make a few points clear:

1) I make mistakes. There may be times that I get something wrong. I welcome these mistakes being brought to my attention and I am happy to correct them.

2) There are no fact checkers working for this site other than myself. There will be times a fact or two is missing or wrong. Again, I welcome the corrections.

3) There are no editors working for this site other than myself. On one occasion only recently, I asked an acquaintance to proof a story I was about to post. She had zero edits for me. This was the only time I reached for an outside voice.

4) As of this posting, this website is a one-man band. There are no employees other than myself. Every word on this site was written by me unless stated otherwise.

5) I will always tell the truth in my stories as I see it. My truth and perception in a story is my truth and perception. It is what happened to me and seen through my eyes.

6) If I am employed to write for a sponsor, I will still tell the truth as I see it. It will not persuade me to embellish or fabricate.

7) I do not see it necessary to include every detail wether it be negative or positive in every story. If I am at a hotel and ten members of the staff are nice to me and one is not, I just may choose to omit the details about the one nasty staff member. If a member of the staff has gone above and beyond to assure my stay was at par, I will include details I see fit for the story I want to tell. This is how I choose to tell my stories about my overall experience. I pride myself on honesty and wish to focus on positive observations. If there is a negative experience that has struck a chord with me and I feel it necessary to share, then I will. There are plenty of websites out there that focus on bashing establishments and people. This is not one of them.

8) As time goes on and my thoughts sift through this topic, I just may choose to come back to this page and edit it, also.

One last note……I am asking my Mom, an avid-reader, to proof-read this post. Just so you know.


…….she has come back with her edits. In an effort to keep things respectful, I will refrain from saying what she thinks of the naysayers.


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4 Responses to “I Have Naysayers? ‘Chrissy Travels’ Disclaimer And Rules Of Engagement”
  1. Heidi says:

    It was so nice to meet you at TBEX! I have been sitting here reading your blog for 30 minutes and absolutely love it. You may have started it for family and friends, but I have a feeling that is going to change quick! Love your style and can’t wait to armchair travel with you around the world. Best wishes on all your travel adventures!!! ~Heidi

    • Heidi…it was nice meeting you, too. Thank you for the generous compliment. That means a lot.

      I look forward to having you armchair with me as well…..next stop, Greece!

  2. Hi Chrissy, I wasn’t at TBEX but I read a tweet that referenced you so I ended up here… I’m not sure what prompted this post but I assume someone said something they shouldn’t have… I thoroughly enjoyed reading this page and it rings through with integrity. I can’t imagine what was said but I’m a former journalist with a finely tuned ear for BS, and I’m not finding any of it here.

    I too grapple with what I ‘owe’ my readers since my own travel writer started, like yours, from pain and for near and dear ones. My site is now much broader and I too get negative comments – the price of success ***grin*** Some of the messages are rude, others are wrong, and a few are nasty. But 99% are supportive, friendly and appreciative so I’ve grown a thick skin and no longer pay attention to the ‘naysayers’. Frankly, if they don’t like what I do, they can go somewhere else.

    I’m delighted I found you!

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