The Ultimate Beach Getaways

If you are looking for a holiday in the sun, there are plenty of options available around the world. But, if you want to find the very best beaches of the world, then there is only one place to go: The United States Virgin Islands. There are three islands in total, St. John, St. Thomas and St. Croix. Edged by miles of sandy white beaches, these islands are surrounded by the almost unbelievable turquoise waters of the Caribbean. For the discerning traveller, either of these three locations will provide an excellent destination for unwinding from the stress of modern life, and ultimately, taking the time needed for ultimate relaxation.

The largest island, St. Croix, is perfect for the history buff. In the 18th and 19th centuries, this was the heart of the Danish West Indies colonial settlements. After a morning’s scuba diving, the Christiansted National Historic site can provide an insight into the island’s often turbulent past.

English: Turtle Beach, Buck Island, St. Croix,...

Turtle Beach, Buck Island, St. Croix


Almost 60% of St. John is covered by the Virgin Islands National Park. As such, this is a magnificent example of a beautiful tropical paradise. Ideal for those with a love of nature, you can stroll along the sandy beaches or go hiking through miles of designated trails. For the budding photographer, you can take advantage of the coral reefs, and learn how to take underwater photography.

Trunk Bay on St. John

Trunk Bay on St. John

The island of St. Thomas was originally spotted by Christopher Columbus in 1493. Known for its natural harbour, this is thought to be home to the best beaches of the three Virgin Islands. The ideal destination for lying by the pool with a cocktail, or luxuriating on the glistening sandy beaches that are never more than a few minutes away.

Magen's Beach as seen from Mountain Top, St. T...

Magen’s Beach as seen from mountain top, St. Thomas

For the tourist in search of the ultimate beach holiday, the Virgin Islands are difficult to beat. There is something for everyone, with history, nature and of course, miles upon miles of stunning sandy beaches. With the achingly beautiful Caribbean almost always in sight, it is easy to see why these islands are the number one destination for thousands of travellers every year.


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