Must Visit Restaurants in Dupont Circle, Washington DC

The Dupont Circle district is a thriving, cosmopolitan district of Washington DC. It is a popular area with tourists on late holiday deals or visiting the city with relatives and friends. It’s home to a variety of shops, hotels and guesthouses. There is a wide range of restaurants which you can choose from depending on your preference and taste. The global flavour of the neighbourhood is reflected in the range of dining options offered from American fare to Asian cuisine. You can click here for more detailed information or read below.


The Front Page at 1333 New Hampshire Avenue is very popular with residents of the district for an affordable brunch. The menu includes such staples as macaroni cheese and chicken wings. There is always a good range of salads, sandwiches and deserts to offer. They make good burgers particularly the Heidenburger, a Washington speciality. The food is excellent and dependable, although the service can be a little slow during the busier periods.

Front Page Restaurant

Five Guys at 1645 Connecticut Avenue is the place to go for a burger and fries. Good, substantial burgers if you are looking for fast food under ten dollars.


Bistrot du Coin is nearby at 1738 Connecticut Avenue. This is a French eatery with a bustling, buzzing atmosphere. It’s open late and has cheerful crowds tucking into French dishes late into the evening. All the staples are offered, such as onion soup and a range of moules marines. The main courses come in at around twenty dollars and include Casserole de Lapin and Boeuf Bourguignon. They have a good selection of seafood, including a fish of the day and tempting specials. Not only is the Bistrot Du Coin open late but it is also open 364 days of the year. It is a favourite with many in the area.

Obelisk has been at 2029 P Street, Du Pont Circle for over twenty years. It’s an Italian restaurant with international fare. It has been consistently featured in the lists of Washington’s top restaurants and garnered deservedly high reviews. Obelisk is well-known in Washington for the quality of its dishes and use of fresh ingredients. It has a great selection of antipasto, along with main dishes which range from lamb chops and black bass to an inventive selection of pasta dishes. It is also reasonably priced.


Mandu is located at 1805 18th Street. It is a Korean restaurant with a warm and intimate atmosphere. Mandu caters for gluten-free diets and has a very wide range of vegetarian options. It has a popular happy hour and authentic Korean dishes such as chap-chae and beef or vegetable noodle dishes.

Beef and Pork Dumplings at Mandu (photo credit: Plantains and Kinchi)
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2 Responses to “Must Visit Restaurants in Dupont Circle, Washington DC”
  1. Sarah Reese Souter says:

    Watching 12-12-12 concert when Bon Jovi comes on I think of A friend i I had at SCPA who LOVED him. Thought I would reach out . You are gorgeous as you always were and I hope you are well and happy!

  2. Chrissy says:

    Sarah- The funny thing is, I am in NY watching the same 12-12-12 concert and the same Bon Jovi thinking of a time way back in High School when I loved him…..and how damn good he still looks! Thanks for reaching out!! Great to hear from you my new Facebook friend!


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