Are you interested in advertising with Chrissy Travels? Well, Chrissy Travels is interested in advertising for you.

You see, Chrissy loves to travel the world and in order for her to continue to do that she has to make a living at it. And that is what she is hoping you will help her do, otherwise, all this fun stuff you see here on this website will go away. And you wouldn’t want to be responsible for that now, would ya’?

Why should you advertise on Chrissy Travels I hear ya’ say? Because since Chrissy has left the comfort of her stable home in Los Angeles almost 2 years ago, she has visited 27 countries. And guess what she did in each and every one of those 27 countries? She made a lot of friends. Friends that can’t seem to stay away and always come to visit her here to hear all of the stories she has to tell about living the life they all dream of. And guess what those friends have done? You guessed it, they told their friends and their friends and so on. Not to mention, the gobs of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, etc… get the picture.

So here’s the dizzle….

Link/ Text

If you’d like to place a link on Chrissy Travels, no problem, she can certainly find a place. Chrissy Travels has over 100 posts and another 15 already sitting on her desk ready to be published. She can certainly find a place to link you. You should chat with her about that.

Sponsored Posts

No problem. As along as it falls in line with what Chrissy is trying to convey, I’m sure she can work out a deal for ya’. Just don’t ask her to post about broken fan belts, hoses-gone-bad, frozen water pumps, arcing ignition wires, and malfunctioning distributor rotors. That stuff bores her. Let’s keep it to travel, health, beauty and all of the fun, fluffy stuff her readers like to read.

Sponsored Reviews

I thought you’d never ask! Chrissy loves to review everything from hotels to restaurants to products to anything else travel related and beyond you can think of. But remember, Chrissy left Hollywood for a reason. She hates phoniness and liars. She will always tell the truth, so if you think your product or hotel or restaurant is not so great, she has some friends in Hollywood she could hook you up with to get that stellar review.

Press and Social Media Trips

Right up Chrissy’s alley. You know Chrissy used to be a member of the press, don’t ya? Yup! Way back a few years ago before she ran away Chrissy was holding that mic, breaking stories and talking to a national audience through the TV set. She would be happy to hop on a media assignment you need to fill and break a few stories for ya’. If you want that real good thorough write up about your establishment, sponsor Chrissy’s travel or stay at your destination and you can get the whole kit and caboodle.

Banner or Display Ads

You see that box over there to the right? Yeah…right there, the one below the Twitter button? This could be your ad, no problem. And if you don’t like that spot, take a look around. Any space here could be yours. Move on in, we’ll make your ad feel right at home.

Writing Assignments/ Content Filler

Chrissy knows more than anyone how difficult it can be to write content. She used to dread it before she had any practice at it. If you are a publication, a website, a blog or any other content hungry employer, let her know what you need. Writing seems to be all Chrissy does these days. She can plunk it out for you, no problem.

Now to the deets…..

All stats current as of 6-29-12

Alexa global ranking: 1,066,043 

Alexa US ranking: 161,172

Google Page rank: 1

Facebook and Twitter Followers: 1643

Page Authority: 41

RSS Feed: 49 subscribers

MozRank: 2.53

Klout score: 54


Who’s Reading (taken from W3 counter):

United States- 49%

United Kingdom- 5%

Bulgaria- 4%

Turkey- 4%

France- 4%

Canada- 3%

Greece- 3%

Australia- 2%

Russia- 2%

Italy- 2%

Germany- 1%

Ukraine- 1%

There are 94 other countries represented in small numbers. Whew! The word is really out there!


Did I miss anything? Hmmmm….I can’t think of anything else you might need……oh yeah! How much will all of this cost ya’? I don’t know. Chrissy’s new to this. We can work that out, but I promise, she’ll be easy on ya’. Chrissy really doesn’t want to go back to Los Angeles.


Contact Chrissy at for details!

2 Responses to “Advertising”
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