Hotel Review- The Viceroy Anguilla

On a long stretch of the quiet and only road intertwining in the middle of Anguilla stands the impressive, modern, marble filled gates leading into a perfectly landscaped haven that is The Viceroy Anguilla. As the flagship property for the Viceroy brand, this hotel chain has really outdone itself. When first entering the long well-manicured drive, you […]

The Ultimate Beach Getaways

If you are looking for a holiday in the sun, there are plenty of options available around the world. But, if you want to find the very best beaches of the world, then there is only one place to go: The United States Virgin Islands. There are three islands in total, St. John, St. Thomas and […]

The Sliding Doors Of Anguilla And My Birthday Fairy-Tale

The Viceroy- Anguilla

Do you remember a movie quite a few years ago called ‘Sliding Doors‘ starring Gwyneth Paltrow? It’s two stories told in one of what happens to a girl (Gwyneth Paltrow) when she entered a subway system. In one story she caught the subway just in time before the sliding doors of the train closed behind […]

Hotel Review- Atrium Beach Resort- Sint Maarten

When dreaming of an escape to an island paradise in the Caribbean, many options come to mind. But if you want to optimize your time and strategically place yourself in an area where you will be able to utilize the geography to benefit your adventurous spirit, take a close look at Sint Maarten/ St. Martin. […]

Health Secrets From Sint Maarten- Desiree Winkel’s Dutch Deal Delivers

Since returning to the States last December after a year and a half on the road, I committed to getting myself back in shape and shedding the weight I gained during my travels. I achieved my goal thanks to Brian Wiefering’s Wiefit (see Brian Wiefering’s Wiefit- Where Fitness Is A Family Affair). Now that I’m […]

Sint Maarten- My Luck Runneth Over

I could quite possibly be one of the luckiest girls in the whole world. I was planning my birthday escape this year when I ran the idea of going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to a close friend of mine. I had a free ticket on Delta that would get me there and it served […]

Sex In The Cities- Zee Man With Pens is Watching

Sex In The Cities is a compilation of dating stories. They tell the stories of what happens to a single girl when she travels the world alone. I, Chrissy, am that single girl and this is one story of what happened to me……. I was leaving St. Barths and had a couple of hours to […]

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