“Expendables 2” stuntman killed in Bulgaria

The Expendables II

Police reported that a stuntman working on the movie The Expendables 2 has been killed and another injured and taken to hospital after an accident on the Ognyanovo dam near Elin Pelin. The accident took place around 7 pm Thursday night when the two men, both reported in the Bulgarian media to be foreigners to […]

Higher Numbers In Greek Tourism Industry Are Promising

Mykonos, Greece

As austerity measures are imminent for the Greek people, there is some sense of relief as today’s European deal reduced Greece‘s debt by 100 billion. Travel and tourism was up 10% this year not just in revenues, but in arrivals as well. The question remains if the Greek economy can sustain these numbers next year […]

Steve Jobs- A Reason I Am Able To Travel

Steve Jobs

I awoke this morning from a good nights sleep in my small studio apartment overlooking a bay on the island of Paros, Greece. I snapped open my MacBook that so reliably finds my current internet network and hit the “F” key which will always bring me to my loyal friend and confidant, “Facebook”. While I […]

Amanda Knox ‘Overwhelmed’ as She Returns Home to Seattle – Yahoo! News

Perugia courthouse

I spent many days in the Perugia area of Italy last December. I passed by the courthouse where news trucks were staked in anticipation of the outcome of one of the hearings in the Amanda Knox case. The house where the murder took place was not far from the courthouse. I snapped a picture. Today, […]

Athens, Greece and the Week of Anti-Austerity

I took the ferry ride from Sardinia to the Civitavecchia port, caught the first train into Rome and headed to the airport to board my flight to Greece. I will be entering my 20th country in the past 11 months and one I have only dreamed about. I didn’t know much about Athens or anything about […]

Why Escape?

Why call this “Escape from LA”? Reason being, it has been 15 years since I first arrived in LA and 15 years since I have been trying to leave. The summer of ’95 began a journey that will forever shape the rest of my life. It has been a bittersweet journey filled with excitement, pitfalls, […]

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