Santorini- The Supermodel Of the Greek Islands

I was very excited to arrive in Santorini. There had been so much talk up until now about its beauty, energy and serene vitality, I almost couldn’t imagine a place with such luster. When the ferry pulled into the tiny port, I saw for the first time a glimpse of an island that encompassed a […]

Fashion Forward Friday- Bulgarian Fashion Muse Of The Day

I have been very impressed with the funky and fashion forward city of Sofia. I just wish I had thought of it earlier to snap a few pics of the fashions I saw on the streets. This city really knows how to dress. Related articles And The Winner Of Mrs. Bulgaria 2011 is…… (

Greek Horta

I have now spent so much time in Greece that I was bound to accumulate many favorite dishes while there. Horta was one of the first dishes I had the pleasure of tasting at my first home cooked Greek dinner. Horta when translated into English means ‘greens’. You can choose any type of greens to […]

Paros, Greece- Now Here’s A Beach With My Name On It

I left Mykonos for Paros needing some peace and quiet. I had too many crazy nights my last week in Mykonos and Paros was only a short ferry ride away. I was told that Paros would be empty and quiet this time of year. Perfect! The exact reason I am going there. I took a […]

And The Winner Of Mrs. Bulgaria 2011 is……

Last night in Sofia, Bulgaria a new Mrs. Bulgaria was crowned. I was there to cheer the winner on as she took the honor. Famous Bulgarian model, Veneta Harizanova, took the crown against 14 other women. In the show’s closing moments when sponsors handed out their picks for a pre title badge and honor, Veneta […]

“Expendables 2” stuntman killed in Bulgaria

The Expendables II

Police reported that a stuntman working on the movie The Expendables 2 has been killed and another injured and taken to hospital after an accident on the Ognyanovo dam near Elin Pelin. The accident took place around 7 pm Thursday night when the two men, both reported in the Bulgarian media to be foreigners to […]

Higher Numbers In Greek Tourism Industry Are Promising

Mykonos, Greece

As austerity measures are imminent for the Greek people, there is some sense of relief as today’s European deal reduced Greece‘s debt by 100 billion. Travel and tourism was up 10% this year not just in revenues, but in arrivals as well. The question remains if the Greek economy can sustain these numbers next year […]

Delos, Greece

Delos, Greece

I had a goal when I went to Delos. The goal was to hit 60 cities in 20 countries before the one year mark on August, 16th. I was scheduled to fly back to the States for a re-group on August 11th. It is now August 9th and I am still on the island of […]

Greek Tyropita And The End of My Brazilian Bikini

Watch out and step aside when there is tyropita near me. I am liable to knock someone out trying to get my share. I dream about this pastry and have to stop myself from consuming it at every bakery I pass by.  Tryopita translates into English as ‘cheese pie’. Have you ever heard any two […]

Amanda Knox ‘Overwhelmed’ as She Returns Home to Seattle – Yahoo! News

Perugia courthouse

I spent many days in the Perugia area of Italy last December. I passed by the courthouse where news trucks were staked in anticipation of the outcome of one of the hearings in the Amanda Knox case. The house where the murder took place was not far from the courthouse. I snapped a picture. Today, […]

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