Delos, Greece

Delos, Greece

I had a goal when I went to Delos. The goal was to hit 60 cities in 20 countries before the one year mark on August, 16th. I was scheduled to fly back to the States for a re-group on August 11th. It is now August 9th and I am still on the island of […]

Greek Tyropita And The End of My Brazilian Bikini

Watch out and step aside when there is tyropita near me. I am liable to knock someone out trying to get my share. I dream about this pastry and have to stop myself from consuming it at every bakery I pass by.  Tryopita translates into English as ‘cheese pie’. Have you ever heard any two […]

Mykonos, Greece. My New Home…..For Now

Finally, I am on the island! And now that I am here, I think I will stay……5 weeks! Mykonos is my last stop on the year-long tour around the world and I want to stay put. Traveling can be very exhausting, especially when you are alone and managing all of the luggage, the bookings, the […]

Athens, Greece and the Week of Anti-Austerity

I took the ferry ride from Sardinia to the Civitavecchia port, caught the first train into Rome and headed to the airport to board my flight to Greece. I will be entering my 20th country in the past 11 months and one I have only dreamed about. I didn’t know much about Athens or anything about […]

Sardinia, Italy

I made a quick stop in Sardinia since I had to travel from Barcelona over to Rome to catch my flight to Athens where I would be meeting up with more friends from the US. Lucky me, a friend I knew from California was there vacationing with her family. Sardinia is beautiful. I was only […]

Barcelona, Spain

It was all about Gaudi for me in Barcelona. From the first building I saw of his, I was hooked and began to search for more of his creations. What an amazing creator and innovator. I’ve never been more impressed with architecture and creation then when in Barcelona. Barcelona is such a special city. From […]

Villefranche and Monaco, France

We only had a short amount of time, but we made the most of it by visiting Villefranche and Monaco.   Travel Tips Villefranche-sur-Mer

Corsica, France

We were so exhausted by the time we arrived in Corsica from our speed tour of the Mediterranean, we decided to take it easy and enjoy a simple drive along the coast.     Travel Tips Corsica

Pisa and Florence, Italy

Another speed tour through two cities, Pisa and Florence, in a day. This trip is getting exhausting!


The Colosseum

Our 8 hour speed tour of Rome. We made it to the Sistine Chapel, The Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum, albeit, we were white knuckled to catch the last train back to the port. We BARELY made it! As the saying goes, if you throw a coin in the fountain, you are sure to return […]

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