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I’m Coming Home to My Berklee Family

After 4 years on the road, 34 countries visited and 23 years away, I found my way home. I left Boston’s Berklee College of Music in 1991 after two years. I was unsure of myself, unsure of my place in the world of music and unsure of what talent I had to offer. The two […]

The Viceroy- Anguilla

The Sliding Doors Of Anguilla And My Birthday Fairy-Tale

Do you remember a movie quite a few years ago called ‘Sliding Doors‘ starring Gwyneth Paltrow? It’s two stories told in one of what happens to a girl (Gwyneth Paltrow) when she entered a subway system. In one story she caught the subway just in time before the sliding doors of the train closed behind […]

Sint Maarten- My Luck Runneth Over

I could quite possibly be one of the luckiest girls in the whole world. I was planning my birthday escape this year when I ran the idea of going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to a close friend of mine. I had a free ticket on Delta that would get me there and it served […]

New York

New York- I’m In A ‘Finding A Job’ State of Mind

It was time, I was afraid, to find a job. My long journey around the world just may be coming to an end right here in New York. And no better place for it to end then in the exact place I had aspired to move to a year and a half ago, before I […]

Istanbul, Turkey – Could It Be the End of the Road?

Another city and another map to learn. Istanbul would be my last stop before heading back to the States for at least 3 months during the holidays. I was getting tired of figuring out where I was in each stop, where I wanted to stay, managing the bookings and riding the hop-on hop-off bus tour […]

Sofia, Bulgaria – Fashion, Cheese and a Beauty Queen

After two weeks in Santorini, I was ready to move on when I conveniently received a call from my friend, Veneta Harizanova, in Bulgaria requesting I come to visit and cheer her on in the Mrs. Bulgaria competition. I was happy to make my plans to visit what I would find to be the fashion […]

The Itinerary!

So many have asked what my travel itinerary looked like for the past 17 months. I found a way to map it out for you and this is what it looks like…     Related articles Take precautions for your round-the-world trip (

Capers in salt

Cosenza, Italy And The Hunt For Capers

Every year since I can remember, I’ve had a job to do for my Mother and that is to find her capers at Christmas time so she could keep with our Italian family tradition of making caper salad on Christmas Eve. Not just any capers, but capers that are packed in salt and sold in […]

Santorini- The Supermodel Of the Greek Islands

I was very excited to arrive in Santorini. There had been so much talk up until now about its beauty, energy and serene vitality, I almost couldn’t imagine a place with such luster. When the ferry pulled into the tiny port, I saw for the first time a glimpse of an island that encompassed a […]

Paros, Greece- Now Here’s A Beach With My Name On It

I left Mykonos for Paros needing some peace and quiet. I had too many crazy nights my last week in Mykonos and Paros was only a short ferry ride away. I was told that Paros would be empty and quiet this time of year. Perfect! The exact reason I am going there. I took a […]

Delos, Greece

Delos, Greece

I had a goal when I went to Delos. The goal was to hit 60 cities in 20 countries before the one year mark on August, 16th. I was scheduled to fly back to the States for a re-group on August 11th. It is now August 9th and I am still on the island of […]

The stats are in! The Best and Worst List of the Past Year Around the World

The statistics are in. I have tallied the details from my travels the past 12 months. Here are a few stats from August 2010 to August 2011: 20 countries 60 cities (not counting repeats) 85 cities (counting repeats) 12 currencies 38 planes 21 trains 10 boats 1 cruise ship Itinerary and course of travel for […]

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