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A Simpler Town

  I initially thought having a week in Cincinnati would be plenty of time to get settled with the movers, visit for a minute and get prepared for the coming month away in Europe. I thought for sure, I could get caught up with the blog and even do some “private” writing. Not a chance! […]

Home, Sweet, Home

I awoke Friday morning in the comfort of my quaint boutique hotel room in the Lakeview section of Chicago. A sweet hotel on a tree-lined street equipped with a king sized bed, comfy sheets and a late check out. This would be my day to sleep in. The is the last day on the road […]

The Midwest Drive

I was looking forward to the drive to Denver the next morning. I convinced Mapi to take a flight from Denver to Chicago since the drive to Chicago would be long and exhausting. To be honest, I really needed a day or two to myself. The last week has been hectic. It was one delay […]

We Arrive in Aspen

Saturday was a long, hard day made tolerant by the scenic route through central and Eastern Utah. We were exhausted and beat. Our bodies, not used to the early morning call, began to show signs of wear and tear by 4:00. We hit a wall. Should we stop in Moab or push through? If we […]

Route 12 Through Central Utah. The Most Beautiful Road in the Country

We ended the night in Bryce Canyon feeling the effects of being up at 10,000 feet. The pressure does something strange to your stomach. After we ate dinner, it was as if our intestines were trying to fit 10 lbs of bologna in a 5lb bag. As if the air pressure was taking a hold […]

Day 3: Lake Powell, AZ, Bryce Canyon, UT

Ending the day at sunset driving up the 89 freeway towards Lake Powell was spectacular. We were going to try to make it to Kanab, UT for the night, but made a pact not to drive too far past dark. Just as we were arriving at Lake Powell, the sun went down and a thunderstorm […]

Day 2: The Grand Canyon

We made it to The Grand Canyon late last night, checked into our hotel and proceeded to figure out how I will be able to get the car fixed in the middle of nowhere? We were able to open the driver’s side door with a manual key which forced Mapi to crawl in and out […]

Day 1: On The Road

Everything up to this date has unfolded so beautifully. It was as if each and every day was picked and planned and played out to perfection. Things have just been falling into place…..until today. Today is the day I hit the road for the big cross-country drive. To start the day, I woke up with […]

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