Sex In The Cities- Let’s Just Call Him Bakchos……

Sex In The Cities is a compilation of dating stories. They tell the stories of what happens to a single girl when she travels the world alone. I, Chrissy, am that single girl and this is one story of what happened to me……. Bakchos- the Greek name derived from the word iacho, meaning “to shout,” […]

Greek Horta

I have now spent so much time in Greece that I was bound to accumulate many favorite dishes while there. Horta was one of the first dishes I had the pleasure of tasting at my first home cooked Greek dinner. Horta when translated into English means ‘greens’. You can choose any type of greens to […]

Higher Numbers In Greek Tourism Industry Are Promising

Mykonos, Greece

As austerity measures are imminent for the Greek people, there is some sense of relief as today’s European deal reduced Greece‘s debt by 100 billion. Travel and tourism was up 10% this year not just in revenues, but in arrivals as well. The question remains if the Greek economy can sustain these numbers next year […]

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